Working Nine to Five (what a way to make a living)

The lovely Older Mum tagged me on this meme and, as I’m trying to keep up to date with these things now, I’m going to jump straight in.

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Did you work before becoming a mum?

I was 39 before the little man was born, so I’d had a variety of jobs, from shop work on Saturdays when I was at school to junior clerical work and payroll, through to working in the NHS and then being Directors’ PA and more latterly property management.

What is your current situation?

Full time mum to the little man, although I’m starting to develop ideas and plans for what I’m going to do when he starts school and doesn’t need me for as many hours in the day as he does at the moment.  Lots of studying and writing; and reading – lots of reading.

Freestyle – a chance to get across your own point of view on the subject.

I never really found anything that I was really good at and enjoyed until I became a mother.  I was always searching for the perfect job and if I could go back 20 years, still knowing what I know now, I would do things differently.  But that wasn’t really an option then so I did the jobs that I could do, that were reasonably enjoyable and that paid the rent and latterly the mortgage.  If I’d had the ambition and direction (and self belief) then which was lacking, and if I’d pursued the sort of career and I would pursue if I could go back, I might have gone back to work after the little man was born.  But as things are, I think I have finally found the thing that I love to do, nurture the little one.  Very rewarding, but the pay is shocking!

I’m going to tag Mummy Plum, because I’d love to know what she used to do before the birth of Little Pip.

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10 Responses to Working Nine to Five (what a way to make a living)

  1. Thank you for following up the tag. So we were the same age when we had our little ones! Its wonderful that you are gaining so much fullfillment being a mum. I know I am too but its quite hard to stand back and smell the roses sometimes. Well at least you have discovered your talent for writing which you can throw yourself into when the Little Man goes to school!

    • Thanks for tagging me! It’s often hard to have a look at anything when there are constant demands on your time. I need at least a few minutes consecutive quiet in order to form a coherent thought! Loving your blog – hope you’ve got some of your energy back now. Px

  2. Ally Bean says:

    Interesting questions. Great answers.

    So pleased to know that you’ve found your niche and are able to do what you love. Even if it took you a while to figure it out. Maybe because it did take you longer to figure it out, you appreciate it more. Who knows, eh?

  3. Hello! Thanks so much for taking the time to complete A Mother’s Work Meme.

    First off, I am so happy I’ve found your blog, the name is so spot on – I am forever getting caught writing (does Mutley-style snigger).

    Secondly, I am now going to have Dolly Parton songs in my head all afternoon.

    Thirdly, I think we are similar – I had my daughter at 38 and if I had been wedded to my career I might well have felt a stronger pull to return. As it is, I am so happy to be a full-time SAHM, it really is the best thing I’ve ever done – including all the bad bits. But it is badly paid and there does seem to be a stigma attached, which I didn’t realise until I started this ‘job’. The aim of A Mother’s Work Meme is to try and instigate a change in society’s treatment and attitudes of mothers. There will be plenty more on on this subject over the coming months.

    Sorry for long comment – got all excited at similarities / blog name / Dolly Parton

    • Hi MotherWifeMe – I love long comments! Thank you for taking the time to leave one for me. I’m amazed at how (it seems to me) ALL mothers have to justify their decisions, whichever side they are on. I am firmly of the opinion that you have to do what is right for you and your child and it’s really nobody else’s business. It’s great to find another like minded soul! Re: Dolly – there are definitely worse songs to have going round your head. How about “Come with Tom, Tree Fu Tom, to a world that’s filled with fun” or “Round and round, a little boat no bigger than your hand dum dum dum de dum de dum dum”. Polly x

  4. Oooh I do love a bit of Dolly Parton! Am so glad that motherhood proved to be the thing you love doing. (As well as writing.) I identify with your comment about self belief – it can hold you back if you’re not a confident young thing. Then you get to a later point in life, and start to not care so much about what others think or whether you will fail..and think ‘I’ll just try it anyway’ and surprise yourself with the results! Thanks for the tag – x

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  6. Isn’t it strange how us mum’s seem to realise that we CAN do ANYTHING once we have mastered motherhood! Nothing is impossible after that! xx