Why I like Writing

This post is in response to the NaBloPoMoUK challenge: a blog post a day throughout November.  I’m using the prompts at www.blogher.com.

I’m quite new to writing.  I wasn’t a child who would keep notebooks or scribble things down as you sometimes hear famous authors saying they did when they were children.  I loved to read but we didn’t have many books in the house.  I started reading more widely when I left home but it wasn’t until I went to University a few years later that I came to realise that I also like to write and that I may have the potential to reach a reasonable standard.  Most of my essays were graded highly and I enjoyed the whole process of writing them from thinking around the title through researching and planning to editing and polishing the finished article.  I found it quite exciting and the sense of achievement at producing a decent body of work was an amazing confidence booster.  My dissertation was one of my proudest achievements.

I’ve never considered myself to be particularly creative but with writing I can put a few words down and produce something that I feel quite proud of.  I like to think around the subject for a few days and see if I can come up with related ideas which may not be immediately obvious.  I like writing because once I begin I find the words just flow and the process of marshalling my thoughts into some sort of coherent narrative is satisfying.  Writing can sometimes be a bit of a labour of love, but I like seeing the finished article and realising that I created it.

In many ways I’m glad I’ve found writing now.  I’m sure the whole process is easier in the age when most people have access to a computer.  Random sentences can be inserted and moved around as necessary, a process which I imagine would have required several rewrites in earlier times.  Cutting and pasting is so much easier than retyping and reshuffling pages and paragraphs, which would have been the way when I was younger.

I’d love to be good enough to write short stories or maybe even a novel one day.  I like writing so much that I’m going to take a course next year which I hope will teach me how to write properly and maybe even how to make a living from it eventually.  At the moment I’m taking my first tentative steps and relearning how to put a post together in such a way that other people might want to read it.  Although I like to write for myself, I’m very appreciative when other people read what I’ve written and leave comments on the post.  Having an audience which seems to like what I write just adds to the fun.

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4 Responses to Why I like Writing

  1. Lovely post :) Writing is wonderful! I love how you have written this post, it describes your passion very well. I’m really enjoying reading your posts, I think you’re a lovely writer.
    Good luck with the course! I’m hoping to do one too x

  2. Ally Bean says:

    I like to think around the subject for a few days and see if I can come up with related ideas which may not be immediately obvious.

    Me too. I’m rarely able to write in the moment about things that happen to me. But give me a few days or a week– and I’m on it.

    [I found you via the NaBloPoMo hash tag on twitter. I’m in it too. I’ve decided that it’ll be a fun way to meet new bloggers. So, if nothing else, I’m just stopping by to say “hi!”]

  3. Hello. Love reading your posts, you do write beautifully – keep going and follow your dream. I think blogging is a great place to start writing, as you don’t necessarily have to write a lot, can cover a multitude of subjects, and have the satisfaction of pressing publish button at the end of it.

    Your observation about how things have changed so much with the advent of the computer made me smile. When I was at uni I wrote all my essays long hand – twice! A rough draft and then a final version . Seems unbelievable now!

    • Thanks for your lovely comments Claire. Writing everything longhand can’t have left much time for socialising and other student activities! I find it difficult to write for long periods with a pen these days.