What a start to the year!

Kate on Thin Ice’s Groovymums project is always a great source of inspiration. Kate’s been running this project since September last year and Kate and the other Groovymums have shared some of our challenges and experiences in our day-to-day quest to carve out a little bit of time from our busy lives just for us. If you feel you need a bit of help getting or keeping your va-va-voom, you can read all about it, and join up, here.

I started this year full of enthusiasm and good intentions. I’d just signed up for a writing course, got one of my flash fiction pieces published, was on track with healthy eating, was an active member of the blogging community, was reading and researching and looking forward to a million different things. But then I lost my groove (again), slipped off the tracks and I found myself falling in the wake of all that activity like I’d been thrown off a fast moving train, bouncing along the ground like a lump of tumbleweed caught in the slipstream.

Late last year, I consulted a surgeon about having a cosmetic procedure carried out. He told me I needed to lose some weight, so I did, and went back to see him early this year. He basically told me I was still too fat, even having lost 21 lbs, a fact which sends my friends into furies because, whilst I am carrying a few extra pounds, I am far from obese. The surgeon’s opinion is that the weight I am aiming for, which is the top of the BMI range for my height, is still far too much. His target for me is unrealistic, I feel. He questioned me about the sizes of my husband and son, querying the sort of food I was feeding the family (we cook from scratch every night, thank you very much, and I do not spend all day on the sofa eating chocolate and watching day time TV!), but he didn’t seem to want to give me the right of reply. All this lecturing and judgement knocked me sideways for a while and the healthy eating went out of the window (although I still cooked healthy meals for the family). With disastrous consequences, I hardly need to tell you!

I was just starting to pick myself up from that when I caught the flu bug that’s been going around. I don’t use the word “flu” lightly. When I have a cold, I have a cold, but while this bug didn’t put me in hospital, it did flatten me for the best part of two weeks. I’m not properly over it now but the fog is gradually starting to lift and I am taking tentative steps back into the land of the living. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do so much as pick up a book while I was ill, so I am now a fortnight behind on the writing course and a week behind in the Italian. I had such momentum going before getting ill and it’s taking quite a while to get back up to speed again! One unexpected bonus though, is that I was unable to eat very much while I was ill, so all the unravelling I did in the last two weeks of January has been corrected. Every cloud, and all that!

So whilst my fast moving train has long since disappeared over the horizon, I have just managed to crawl back to the top of the ravine I was thrown into, and I think I can hear the whistle of another train just around the corner. Maybe I can break into a steady jog to be ready for when it appears.


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  1. “I have just managed to crawl back to the top of the ravine I was thrown into”

    First of all, I’m sorry to hear what you’ve been going through. Wondered what has become of you, but figured that you’d tell us when the time was right.

    Secondly, what the heck kind of surgeon asks questions like those?!! Around here surgeons have no interest in anything personal about you, they just want to get on with the surgeries. I don’t know whether to think that this guy cares about you– or is a fruitcake with a few too many issues about weight “problems.”

    And thirdly, great line you wrote. Such a perfect description of what you’ve been going through and how you’re moving on. Been in a ravine, many a time.

    • Thanks Ally! First consultation with surgeon was very positive, second one just blew it all out of the water. He could have just taken the money and ran, I suppose. Ultimately he wants as healthy as possible a person on his table. Still not sure what to make of it! Looking forward to catching up on your posts too.

  2. Lisa


    hurrah you are getting back on track, and

    hurumph to the surgeon (but you know that anyway)


    • Thanks Lisa. As one of the said friends who went into a fury over his comments, you know how much of a tailspin I went into. Like I said to Ally, still not sure what to make of it.

  3. Hurray!

    Glad to see you back again! I had a feeling you weren’t well. Glad that you’re feeling better, and hoicking up on the new train as we speak!

  4. Hiya Polly
    Sorry to be so late catching up with you. Also that you have had such a rotten time when you are such a source of support to others as I for one know very well indeed.
    Glad the flu thing has shifted and why not tweet about your needed surgery and see what comes of it. Maybe there is a lovely surgeon on there, you never know.
    Wonderful to have you back. Feel Groovy Mums itself has lost its way a bit recently so you have not really missed much.
    Much love
    Kate x

  5. Hi Polly
    Left you a comment yesterday, but maybe it didn’t come through. I’m sorry that you’ve been feeling so poorly. It’s really tough when it takes it out of you for so long. So glad to hear that you are on the mend now. Take Care, Claire x

    • Thanks Claire, nothing came through apart from this one from you. Thanks so much for your good wishes. Looking forward to catching up on your posts too. There are a few in my inbox waiting!

  6. So glad to have you back! I was really beginning to wonder where you had got to and was going to email. Sounds like you have come through a rough patch. Being ill and not being able to do anything is horrid isnt it? And as for that doctor – does not sound like he has a very good bedside manner!

    • I would agree! I think he had my best interests at heart as he could have just taken the money, but his approach could have been better! Hope all is well with you. x