Today’s news

Today’s news is that my little man has been given a present of a lovely Parker pen by his granddad.  He is so proud of it that he wants to show the world.  So here it is:


Although a ghost writer was needed for the text, he is very proud to have pressed the button and published this himself. He would be over the moon to get some comments.  :-)



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15 Responses to Today’s news

  1. Lisa

    Well, what a lucky young man! A superb present for a growing gentleman. I hope you treasure it for a long time and that it inspires you to practise your handwriting. I wonder if I will ever receive a letter from you written with that pen? I hope so!

  2. Sharon

    What a lovely pen. I hope you enjoy practising your writing with it.

  3. What a pretty and useful pen you have there! You are lucky, indeed. What are you going to write with it? A thank you note to your granddad?

  4. Hello you lucky little man! What a fantastic present – such a beautiful pen. I bet it will make your writing fantastic. Love, Aunty Anya xx

  5. Philosopher Mouse

    It has a golden arrow on it. That must be an important message: it’s golden.
    Pointing the way to something? What does it want you to do? Or say?
    Such wonderful gift. Yea!

    • Philosopher Mouse, I think my pen is trying to tell me something,but I’m not sure what yet. I am going to take it into school for show and tell, next time it is my turn.

  6. That is one special pen! You must be a very special young man to be given such a special pen!

  7. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to comment. There is one very proud and happy little man here this morning!!

  8. What a fabulous post Little Man – your pen looks fab! You give your mum’s writing a run for her money! X.