Thursday’s Photo – Yin and Yang Cats

Yoda and Mai

This is a photo of our two cats, Yoda and Mai (May).  We got them at the beginning of this year from a friend of mine who had five and needed to rehome them all.  They are eight years old now.  Since coming to our house, Yoda’s name has mutated from Yoda to Yoda Cat, then further morphed into Yo! da Cat.  Mai is Mai Cat and they both answer to these names.  There is something very Yin and Yang about them which really appeals to me: they are male and female, short hair and long hair, black and white.  The two go together perfectly and one without the other would be unthinkable.


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2 Responses to Thursday’s Photo – Yin and Yang Cats

  1. They are so cute! I’ve got a soft spot for kitties and I’m glad your’s have settled in. They match so well, too.