…the unseasonal weather…

This post is inspired by http://jfb57.wordpress.com/2011/10/03/100-word-challenge-for-grown-ups-week13/.

Waking up to a warm and sunny weekend, his first thought was to invite everyone he knew to an impromptu barbeque.  Enquiries at the local store drew blank expressions.  It’s not our fault we have no barbeques, they argued.  We ordered snow shovels and sledges.  Heavy snow was forecast for October and the unseasonal weather has caught us by surprise.  It may be 29 degrees outside but computer says no, it’s October, you need heavy duty grit not a barbeque.  He left the store shaking his head in disbelief.  Maybe the global warming lobby was correct after all and this is the beginning.

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10 Responses to …the unseasonal weather…

  1. Sally-Jayne says:

    Fantastic piece of writing Polly.As someone who has tried to buy gloves in the summer coz I was so cold, I love the phrase “the computer says no”. That just about sums up a typical shopping experience. Never mind the weather – if it’s out of season forget it.

  2. Thanks Sally-Jayne. So are so right, never mind what the customer wants!

  3. Anna says:

    Great piece, and oh so true; how hard is it to get something “out of season”. Super writing

  4. Alison Green says:

    An excellent take on the prompt. Strikes true with many. xx

  5. Susan Mann says:

    What a great post and so well written. You are right the unseasonal weather caught everyone by surprise, if only it has stayed up in Scotland for a bit. x

  6. Dughall McCormick says:

    I really enjoyed this. It reminded me that in India things like umbrellas don’t have a fixed price. They cost more when it is raining…

  7. Bill Dameron says:

    This was a nice piece of writing. How many times I have wanted to barbecue in winter and been limited. I feel his pain.

  8. says:

    This is a nice one, and I like the bit of thought provoking at the end.

  9. Han says:

    We bought ice creams in a store in Cambridge last Sunday. We’d wandered across Parker’s pieces but there were NO ice cream vans out – we ended up finding a newsagents. Chris said he’d expected the ice cream vans to be out given the weather – I said that they were probably on their holidays given that it’s October and end of season for them.