The Next Step in Getting My Groove

Last week’s piece for Getting My Groove Back Tuesday was all about the bigger picture.  I was feeling energetic and positive and I set out my list of aims and ambitions for the world to see.  Now I’ve committed myself, I need to give some thought to exactly how I’m going to achieve them.  This week’s bloghop challenge from Kate on Thin Ice asks two questions to help that process along.  What song would be best to play a lot whilst attempting to get your groove back and what can you do to make your body feel better this week?

Firstly, what music should I choose to be the soundtrack to my transformation?  Well, at the risk of showing my age, I’m going to say Jon and Vangelis, Somehow I’ll Find My Way Home.  I love the gentle progression of it (“you ask me where to begin”), it’s a positive song (“but if my spirit is strong”) and I could imagine myself charging into (domestic) battle with it (“just hold my hand and we’re there”).  I find it very motivating for many reasons, but the one I’m most able to explain is simply the title of it: Somehow I’ll Find My Way Home.  For which can be read: Somehow I’ll Find My Groove.

Secondly, what can I do to make my body feel better this week?  Two things come to mind.  Everyone knows that a little exercise can make the world seem a better place and I think my body might enjoy a short jog round the local park in the Autumn air.  I used to jog a little and always enjoyed it; I’m not quite sure why I stopped.  So I’m going to start again.  Also, I’m sure I’m like most mums when I say I rarely buy anything for myself.  But now that the days of carrying nappies and a change of toddler clothes are gone, I don’t need a huge bag with dozens of pockets.  So I’m going to buy myself a proper grown up bag.  A little one for my purse, keys and a book!  With no space for a drinks bottle!  Or toys!  And only one inner pocket!  Go me!

It’s the little things in life, isn’t it, that make all the difference.


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8 Responses to The Next Step in Getting My Groove

  1. Erm…. Who are Jon and Vangelis?! Lol

  2. Brilliant post. Loving your song choice and had forgotten all about that one, must have got lost along with my groove lol.
    Yes, get a bag and post a picture here next week for us all to see.
    Thanks for being the first to link up this week and also using my prompts to such good effect

  3. Lovely post. I am looking forward to not having to cart a big changing bag around with me! I’ve just recently started jogging and it’s made a massive difference to my energy levels and weight loss. I too don’t know who Jon & Vangelis are…sorry!

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. I loved your post too but wasn’t able to leave a comment. It’s OK not to know who J&V are, it’s not compulsory. Look them up on YouTube, it’s probably something you’ve heard somewhere or the other. You might recognise it. I like it, anyway.

  4. Hi Polly, lovely blog. I read your post last week, really inspiring. Happy handbag hunting. Make sure you find one just large enough for a writer’s notebook and pen! Just off to look up J&V on YouTube now….

  5. Lisa

    Great song choice Polly and you know who to take handbag shopping…me, ME ME!!