The Best Bits of my Week w/c Monday 9 January 2012

This post is in response to Love In The Nest’s new linky idea, celebrating all the best bits of our week, all the little things that bring a smile to our faces and a glow to our hearts, counting our blessings, if you like. So here are the best bits of the past week. If you would like to join up with this linky, you can do so here:

Monday 9th: Today I spent a lovely morning in the coffee shop (where else?) completing my Italian homework. I’ve read frequently that aspiring writers are shameless eavesdroppers so when I’d finished the homework I drank my coffee and stared around the room a bit to see what was happening. There were two women a few tables away who were clearly being less than charitable about someone or something, but they were just too far away to hear. The manager was sitting at the table next to them, separated by a low dividing wall and a pot plant, so clearly he could hear everything!

Tuesday 10th: Today I found I had enough courage to approach one of those immaculate women who work behind the beauty counters in department stores and asked for advice about tired-about-the-eyes look I have been wearing for the last four years. She was charming and kind and I came away feeling that I looked less tired. Cost me a fortune in purchases though!

Wednesday 11th: Today’s highlight was writing a flash fiction piece, my first attempt, and subsequently having it accepted for publication in an e-book (all profits to charity). So I haven’t made my first million but someone else likes my story enough to include it in their collection and that has made my day.

Thursday 12th:
Had a very relaxing pamper morning at the hairdressers. I intensely dislike going to the hairdressers but today I saw someone who actually understood what I was saying, I got to sit in the massage chair while I had my hair washed and I got a hand massage while I was having the cut. And it was a standby appointment and therefore half the usual price. Bargain, I think!

Friday 13th: Today the little man met up with one of his good friends at soft play. We didn’t get thrown out after the usual two hours, so his mum and I had a good chat (we don’t see one another very often) and drank reasonable coffee and played with the boys. It was a great morning.

Saturday 14th: This morning I got my usual hour to myself in the coffee shop to write. There were four people at the table next to me who clearly knew one another but were barely communicating. One person was doing all the talking, the others barely reacting. I wondered what their story was, why they were behaving as they were, and that gave me some ideas for writing.

Sunday 15th: Today I unexpectedly got a couple of hours to do some reading while my husband took the little man out into the garden to start clearing up the ravages of autumn and winter. I gave myself the day off from eating healthily and had some cake the little man and I had made earlier in the week.

I’m very nosy by nature so would love to know the best bits of other people’s week. Share your highlights too.

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10 Responses to The Best Bits of my Week w/c Monday 9 January 2012

  1. Ally Bean says:

    What a great week. Are you able to walk to your coffee shop, or do you drive there? [Or mass transit, I suppose, is another option.] I have to drive long distances to get to any coffee shop, so I rarely make the effort. But after reading about your week, I feel like I should get out & eavesdrop a bit enjoy a cup of coffee! 😉

    • Ally, EVERYWHERE is a drive from here! And there is little in the way of public transport. There is actually a coffee shop in the country park which is about half an hour walk away but it is not busy and so is as quiet as home and there is little to eavesdrop upon. The shops I drive to are on average about 20 minutes away or a little less. I suspect your distances are much greater!

      • Ally Bean says:

        I can be at a few shops in about a 10 minute drive, but they’re not really shops to dawdle in. For that sort of experience it’d take me 25-30 minutes to drive there. I really have no reason for not going somewhere on a regular basis, except laziness– and I guess, frugality. Not painting a great picture of myself here, am I?

        • We’re all different, I don’t particularly like to be home. Not that home is uncomfortable, it’s not, I just like to be out. Not everyone is like that. I became that way only after my son was born, before that I was a real home person. If you don’t feel the need, there’s no need to do it, if you see what I mean!

  2. Wow I’m loving your week! Sounds like you managed to get in a nice bit of me time! Thanks for joining in and sharing, I love reading your best bits :)

  3. Claire says:

    It sounds like you had a great week. I agree, snippets and snatches of conversations from everyday life can be most intriguing. Sometimes I just wish I had an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter, then I could get a bit closer!

  4. Older Mum says:

    What a great week! Love your observations in the coffee shop – a writers paradise and haven for ideas! Fantastic that you are having a story published. My best bit of last week was drawing in the night garden chalk characters with Little A in the park – lovely!

    • I’ve got a feeling a lot of my posts will contain something to do with the coffee shop, I seem to spend a lot of time in them, one way or the other! I loved Night Garden when little man was smaller.