The Best Bits of my Week w/c Monday 12 December 2011

This post is in response to Love In The Nest’s new linky idea, celebrating all the best bits of our week, all the little things that bring a smile to our faces and a glow to our hearts. Counting our blessings, if you like, and what better time of the year to start than at Christmas. So here are the best bits of the past week. If you would like to join up with this linky, you can do so here:

Monday 12th: I met up with a friend for coffee, both of us completely child free. There was a short time earlier this year when I thought we were drifting away from one another and consequently I have made lots of effort to arrange times for us to get together. I came away from this meetup feeling much more positive that it’s just our busy lives keeping us from meeting as often as we used to.

Tuesday 13th: Today I had a massage. I’ve only recently started doing this as a result of a friend who used to be a massage therapist getting hold of my shoulders one day and pulling them back by about a mile, illustrating how tense I was, which horrified me. I’m amazed by how different I feel at the end of a simple head and shoulder massage. Even a hand massage works for me!

Wednesday 14th: Today was my son’s preschool Christmas Concert, which we were allowed to video. He was very enthusiastic but refused to remove his Buzz Lightyear mask so we couldn’t see that he was actually singing all the words. We’d practised at breakfast times and in the bath. Several friends asked for copies of the video, so we have had the pleasure of passing on a record of that “proud Mummy and Daddy” moment that we all felt.

Thursday 15th: Regular readers will know that I try to get to the coffee shop one morning every week to do some writing. Today’s happy moment came when I got the very last table as the place was packed with people who had pre-booked Christmas get togethers.

Friday 16th: Today I had a meal out with my book group friends. The restaurant was cosy, the food excellent and the company convivial. It was a great evening.

Saturday 17th: Today I had a bit of a pamper session at the beauticians and had my toes painted a sparkly, glittery gold colour at the request of my four year old. He’s very pleased with the result. Me? I’m not so sure, but he’s happy, which makes me happy too.

Sunday 18th: Today a friend bought round some Christmas presents and told me that Annie Proulx didn’t start writing until she was in her 50s and didn’t have a novel published for about a decade after that. So there is hope for me yet!

I’m very nosy by nature so would love to know the best bits of other people’s week. Share your warm and fuzzy moments too.

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3 Responses to The Best Bits of my Week w/c Monday 12 December 2011

  1. Natasha says:

    Oh wow what a lovely week, the pre school concert sounds lovely and I LOVE that you had your toenails painted how your little one wanted, that is so sweet.
    Thank you so much for linking up xx

  2. Fascinating reading! What a great idea for a blog hop. I loved hearing about your week. It sounds like a great one, there’s so many things here that I would have enjoyed. I’m glad you came away from the lunch with your friend feeling as though things were back on track. It is hard when you feel friendships drifting. Good for you for making the effort and taking some precious time to invest in getting together. Sometimes nothing beats a good face to face chinwag (without kids) to get things going again. I wish I had time to get a pedicure too. Gold toes sound so Christmassy! Happy Christmas x