The Best Bits of my Week w/c 2 January 2012

This post is in response to Love In The Nest’s new linky idea, celebrating all the best bits of our week, all the little things that bring a smile to our faces and a glow to our hearts. Counting our blessings, if you like, and New Year is always good for starting off as we mean to continue. So here are the best bits of the past week. If you would like to join up with this linky, you can do so here:

Monday 2nd: Today, after a week of lethargy and gluttony, I was relieved to get back into blogging and make like the Hungry Caterpillar, eating through one nice green leaf and thereby feeling much better.

Tuesday 3rd: Today me and the little chap had a playdate with a friend that last year I thought might be drifting away from me. We had a lovely time, she cooked some lunch and the time just flew by. This is what happens when you have someone that you can just talk with non-stop. Our children played beautifully with no disputes.

Wednesday 4th: Today we spent the whole day in a sizeable town nearby, most of it with a friend, but some of the time we just pottered, had lunch, bought some things in the shops, had some coffee (of course). The little man was such a good boy all day. We live in the middle of nowhere so it was good to get out into civilisation for a while.

Thursday 5th:
The best bit of today was seeing the little man’s face light up when I told him we could have sushi for lunch. We were out shopping, he loves sushi. He’d been a very good boy again, so we did it.

Friday 6th: Today I made the little chap very happy by buying him two cinnamon biscuit men. He was over the moon. I doubt he will always be so easy to please!

Saturday 7th: Today I had an hour to myself, in the coffee shop of course, to write and think, while my husband took the little man to RugbyTots. I got talking to the lady at the table next to me, also on her own, which was a lovely surprise in the day.

Sunday 8th: Today I had another hour or so to myself to write and read as my husband took the little man out to run some errands. The peace and quiet has allowed me to catch up with a couple of blog posts and also give more thought to the writing course I’m going to pursue.

I’m very nosy by nature so would love to know the best bits of other people’s week. Share your warm and fuzzy moments too.

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9 Responses to The Best Bits of my Week w/c 2 January 2012

  1. Thanks for joining in, I’m loving reading your best bits! Your little boy sounds like a sweetie, I love that he likes sushi! My little man likes things you’d never expect a child of his age to like :)
    Lucky you getting an hour all to yourself. Sounds like a great week x

  2. Ally Bean says:

    I’m impressed by the fact that you can remember what happened each day of the week! Great memory. My days sort of end up in a blur in my mind– good things, bad things, mediocre things all mixed up together– with no specific day attached to any event. I’d be a mess trying to do this project, but obviously you’ll do wonderful.

    • Thanks Ally! I keep a diary, just a few lines, written from the little chap’s point of view about what he did that day, for him to read when he’s older if he’s interested (social history is a big interest of mine) and that tends to jog my memory.

  3. This sounds like a great first week of the year. I love taking my boy out to cafes and restaurants too. Like Ally, I find it hard to remember by the end of the week what I’ve done each day, possibly this does not bode well for me as I approach old age!

  4. Zazzy says:

    What a nice idea and a great way of helping you focus on the positive. I spend so much time focusing on the stresses and energy suckers – it’s a challenge to remember to think about the positives. I think I’ll give this a shot.

  5. Older Mum says:

    I love your passion for coffee shops! I love them too but dont really frequent them these days. Very impressed the Little Man likes Sushi – very healthy! I am trying to write a ‘gratitude diary’ at the end of each day at the moment to help aid restful sleep. So I might try joining in this meme as its a positive overall reflection of the week.