The 100 Word Challenge

This post is inspired by Julia over at Julia’s Place.  This weekly challenge is to write a creative piece of 100 words in response to a prompt.  This week’s prompt is:

“…in the dark recess of my mind…”

I haven’t taken part in this challenge for far too long, although I always look at the prompt.  Somehow I always just run out of time and before I know it, the next prompt has been posted!  But this week two things happened.  The very insightful Zazzy at Zazamataz asked when she was going to see some more creative writing pieces, and then I was described by the lovely Mrs Halford as being a contributor to the 100 word challenge, so I thought I really ought to make a special effort and start contributing again!

So, here we are.

“In this hot, stuffy room, maths is the furthest from my mind, but she’s looking at me, clearly expecting a response.  I was dreaming of France and I haven’t heard her speak.  All around me, my classmates stare, some with concern, some struggling to conceal a smirk.  I glance at the whiteboard, hoping for a clue.  All eyes are on me and I don’t like the attention.  Finally, she speaks, disappointment in her voice.  “Pie, Burns.”  Pie?  OK.  Frantically I rummage in the dark recess of my mind; finally – the answer: Pi!  “3.142, Miss.”  The tension dissipates, we move on, and I go back to France.”

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9 Responses to The 100 Word Challenge

  1. Sally-Jayne says:

    Good to have you back! Thinking of France sounds much more sensible than thinking about maths so I can really see where you’re coming from here!

    • Thanks S-J! Maths was never my strong point! It’s kind of how I feel at the moment, too – bit preoccupied with France and all things French.

  2. I saw this week that you can remember pi as, in digital numbers, it spells P I E backwards. E = 3, I = 1, P = 4. It looked good when I saw it on the calculator: E.IP but now it seems more complicated than it’s worth. I think I’d rather dream about France.

    • Me too Rachel! Maths was never my strong point. I’m amazed by it though, and how there are all sorts of amazing connections like what you wrote about PIE, but I could never get my head around it.

  3. Zazzy says:

    I love your creative self! It amazes me how you can draw such a detailed image with just a few words.

  4. Oh blimey that really brought back memories of the class room and everyones attention upon you, and desperately trying to find the anwer … and daydreaming of better things too! Fab take on the prompt.

  5. Jabbersville says:

    I daydreamed in the classroom recently – trouble is I was the teacher! :-)