Souvenirs from France

Here are my souvenirs from our visit to Disneyland Paris a couple of weeks ago, a Minnie Mouse cup and bowl.  I’ve posted them for no other reason than I think that they are incredibly cute, they came from France and they just appealed to me.  I’m enjoying having these pretty things around.  The Minnie Mouse cup really was an extravagance.  I have so many different cups for my coffee that I really should start throwing some out (or move to a bigger house).  I will use this cup for coffee when I begin the French lessons, just to remind me.


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8 Responses to Souvenirs from France

  1. LOL – at first glance I though you’d bought two enormous sculptures for your garden. Now I’ve regained some perpesptive (pun intended). Glad you had such a good time in France and good luck with the lessons.

    • Rachel, yes, the camera angle was a bit misleading, wasn’t it! In our local garden centre there are planters which look exactly the same (apart from the Minnie drawing inside) and this photo reminds me of the dimensions of those.

  2. Zazzy says:

    I like them! They’re fun and cheerful. My morning coffee cup is either the double walled insulated plastic thing for iced coffee or the thermal insulated thing for hot coffee, neither one of which is fun or cheerful. I think I will look for something in a mug or cup that cheers up my morning.

    • Zazzy, I have so many cups now that I can’t even begin to indulge my new found interest in Le Creuset coffee cups (courtesy of Ally Bean). I have a Starbucks thermal insulated thing for hot coffee which I use at home too from time to time, not just for travelling. It’s from Christmas a couple of years ago so vaguely cheerful.

  3. Claire says:

    They look remarkably un – Disney to me! I was expecting to see a black ear either side! I like a polka dots. So fresh and cheerful.

    • Ha, ha! A black ear either side would have been fun! I like the red and while polka dots too and there is a little drawing of Minnie inside which I think you can just see in the photo.

  4. They look fab – really bright and cheery. C’est bon. Enjoy the French lessons. Au revoir. Bissou.

    • Bisou a toi, cherie! They are kind of jolly, aren’t they. We went to the bookshop today to buy all sorts of books about France and the French way of life. A bit of reading in between the language learning. :-)