Sorting out the necessities of life

I’ve been having a bit of a grown up week this week.  I’m not sure why.  I got off to a flying start at the beginning of the year but then we all got really ill with whatever winter bug it was that was going around and very quickly I found myself behind on all sorts of things; the writing course, the Italian homework, the necessities of life.  My husband has just celebrated a fairly significant birthday and I’m suddenly more aware of Life, The Universe and Everything.  So, as part of trying to get some sort of order in my life, I’ve been attending to all those niggling little things that you really have to sort out in order to make life run more smoothly, like life assurance and breakdown cover.  Now we have the little man, I really should get my house in order.  We’ve made Wills but I’m not sure whether my life assurance is adequate now, given how much our circumstances have changed since I took out the policy.  I know my husband’s car is covered for breakdowns, but I think mine ran out with the car’s warranty.  There are a couple of health issues to attend to – blood tests and dentist appointments which are overdue.  All of these are the kinds of things that we know we should sort out but just never quite find the time. 

Well, this week I am finding the time.  I dislike these kinds of jobs, but I’m already feeling better for starting to address some of them.  After all, you just never know what’s around the corner, do you.

Is it just me, or are we all putting off sorting out the necessities of life?


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10 Responses to Sorting out the necessities of life

  1. Claire@Mummy Plum

    I think it’s really easy to put these things on the backburner and not get around to them. Life assurance is one that has been top of mind for me recently. We took out some policies ages ago, pre – children, but recently discussed the fact, that mine probably wasn’t for enough. Have I done anything about it? No. I keep thinking ‘that’s a job for next week’.

    I know someone who was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness and has no life assurance. This also highlighted to me how important it is to get this stuff in order. It’s not nice thinking about it, or making a will either, but in the event of the worst case situation, it’s better to have your house in order than not.

    This post has prompted me to stop putting off my phone call on mine. I ‘m going to do it today. x

    • Well done, Claire! As you say, no one likes to do these things but then if the worst happens, we wish we had. I’m still struggling with the life assurance one, mainly because I hope I’ll never need it, which is no good reason at all.

  2. No one wants to face up to wills + insurance + eventualities. It’s unnerving tedious stuff.

    Good for you for doing what needs to be done. I bet that once all of this is finished you’ll become more focused on writing. Nothing nagging at the back of your brain anymore.

  3. Ahhh, Excitement, Adventure, and Real Wild Things? I’m definitely with you on being behind. But I try and I think I’m at least not really buried in the undone.

    • Zazzy, I’m hoping that I can clear this lot before I do become buried under it all! Very satisfying to tick off all those things that just the thought of them weighs me down.

  4. I love weeks like these! Write it all in a list and watch them get the ‘check’ mark – fantastic!

    • Lynsey, from what I’ve been reading, having all these things weighing on my mind is worse than actually seeing to them. I think that’s right! Tick, tick, tick!

  5. I have a whole number of these types of jobs to attend to …. I still have to change my maiden to marital name on things like pensions and savings plans which have been hanging around for ages. It is satisfying once these jobs get completed though!

    • Sarah, thankfully I had the 6 1/2 weeks between our wedding and the little man’s birth (otherwise called maternity leave) to sort that stuff out. There’s nothing like cutting things fine, is there!