One Week – Summer 2013

This is the first day of the seasonal linky One Week. Over the next three days (Monday till Wednesday) Older Mum in a Muddle will be posting a photograph and a few words that describes her experience of summer ’13.  Here is my contribution for today.

Polly Black and WhiteHere is a photograph of me.  This is big news for many reasons.  Up until now I have been reluctant to put a photograph of myself on the internet, but this summer I took an online Social Psychology course via Coursera with Wesleyan University in America, and one of the assignments required the putting together of a Social Psychology Network page.  I got brave and put up a photograph with it.  The sky didn’t fall in, so I put it up on Facebook and Twitter too.   The sky still didn’t fall in, so I post it here now, as the first day in the One Week seasonal linky coordinated by Older Mum in a Muddle.

The Social Psychology course is just the beginning.  At the start of the summer I took a one day writing course at City Lit in London, wrote loads, learned loads, and met a lovely lady called Rachel who is a wildlife photographer from Waterloo.  Until meeting her, I thought the only wildlife in Waterloo were urban foxes, so I learned more there too, including not to dislike London pigeons, they are apparently not as skanky as they first appear.

I also started an online course in writing for children.  Courses seem to be like buses, you wait forever for the right one, then three come along at once!  I have others in the pipeline: a “nuts and bolts of grammar and sentence construction” class, and a “constructing reasonable arguments” class.  The Creative Writing course and French language course are both ongoing, too; I’m aiming for half an hour of French every day, with the aim of being confident enough to spend a month in France or French-speaking Canada in the summer holidays next year.

So, this summer has been all about discovering things for and about myself.  I’m enjoying my courses; I discover that I retain the brain power to study for periods of time and the discipline to see the courses through to the end. I am enjoying reminding myself of how much I used to enjoy academic work.  The (as yet unidentified) Masters degree seems more within reach.  So, this is where I am now.


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11 Responses to One Week – Summer 2013

  1. Mummy Plum

    Hello Polly *waves*. Lovely to see you :0)

    What an inspiring post. Your courses sound fantastic. I’d love to do some of the things you write about one day. I’m sure I would definitely benefit from attending the ‘nuts and bolts of grammar and sentence construction’ class!


    • Hi Mummy Plum! Lovely to hear from you, I read all your posts but don’t have as much time for commenting and blogging these days as I once did, hence getting involved with One Week. I think everyone could benefit from a refresher course in grammar and sentence construction – hopefully it will lead to other things. Hope all is going well with you and the renovations etc. Looking forward to more “through the keyhole.” xx

  2. Hello Polly! So lovely to see you in writing again and to actually see you in person too. Lovely photo – you look a writer! I am always so impressed by what you have on the go and the courses you take, and sounds like you have been doing some great courses this summer – really liked the sound of the children’s stories course. And really great that you are still learning French…. thank you for linking up! XXX.

    • Hi Older Mum! Thanks for your lovely comment – your linky was the inspiration for writing as I don’t seem to have as much time for blogging as I used to, but I didn’t want to miss this. Hope all is well with you. xx

  3. Hey! Nice to see you writing and that’s a lovely photo. I agree with Older Mum, you look like a writer. You have had a really busy summer, haven’t you? Your classes sound interesting. I keep saying I’m going to do the code academy program but never seem to get it started – so I’m doubly impressed at all you’ve got going.

    • Hi Zazzy, thanks for commenting. The summer does seem to have flown by and I can’t believe we’re into Autumn now. I always did like the start of the academic year, though. I don’t know what the code academy programme is but if you are interested in it, definitely do it. Who knows where it will lead!

      • Just looked up what Code Academy is – you should so do that! Loads of money in it and possibly something you could even do from home. Coders are in short supply hereabouts, maybe they are there, too.

  4. So lovely to see a pic of you *waves too.* Great to see you going great guns on all those courses Wonder Woman! These certainly suit you, sound intriguing and make me wonder where they might lead you next?! X

    • Hi Anya – *waving back* It’s amazing what a little bit of putting my mind to work has done. I’m really enjoying them all and looking forward to the new ones. I really want to do something bigger one day.

  5. Wow I am so inspired by you. I have been meaning to go on both writing and a photography course for ages. Maybe reading your blog will kick my butt into action…I hope so.

    • Hi Sarah – I think a photography course to go with a writing course is a brilliant idea! Pictures can tell just as much of a story as words and you could illustrate your own work that way. Great idea. Thanks for commenting.