One Week – Summer 2013 Day 2

Orangery Kenwood House de-noised(Photo from English Heritage Website)

This is the second day of the seasonal linky One Week. Until Wednesday Older Mum in a Muddle will be posting a photograph and a few words that describes her experience of summer ’13.  Here is my contribution for today.

Over the summer, I have been thinking about where I would like to live.  We’re not moving, but there will come a time when living elsewhere will be possible.  My fantasy place to live is shown here – the Orangery at Kenwood House, Hampstead, London.  So much light and air and great views!  I would love it here.  My little orange tree that I have would flourish here too, and we’d have the whole park right on our doorstep.

Next summer I have plans to spend a month in either West Cork, southern Ireland, or somewhere in France or Canada, depending on how good my French gets before then.  I’d like to do that each year, visiting different countries.  When my son is older and doing his own thing, I would like to live in different countries for a year at a time.  I follow a blog by a lady from Ohio who went to live in Spain for a year and is still there, 10 years later.  That’s going to be my approach too, move “just for a year” and see what happens.


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6 Responses to One Week – Summer 2013 Day 2

  1. I love the Orangery at Kenwood House. Just love it. A good friend of mine got married there a few years ago – it was a beautiful wedding on a stunning October afternoon. I just love your spontaneous wanderlust approach to life! I really hope you get to practice your French in ‘real time’ next summer! X (thank you for linking again).

    • Thanks Older Mum. A wedding at Kenwood would be just gorgeous, so atmospheric. It must have been a lovely day. I know I’ll never live there, but maybe I’ll find somewhere similar somewhere in the world. I will post about it here. :-)

  2. What a wonderful idea to go live somewhere for a year. You could learn so much more doing that than zipping thru 10 countries in two weeks– or whatever touristy package deal that most people do. Can’t wait to see where you land first [& when you go].

    • Ally, a few years ago I read a book about travelling the world (at a time when it seemed that that might be possible) and it advised to start in a country whose culture is not that different from one’s own, and then go slowly from there. So I’ll probably start close to home and then maybe I’ll get braver as time goes on!

  3. A year sounds about right. A few months at the very least. It takes at least that long to start to get to know a place. I was in Wyoming for like 6 years (or more?) before I learned about Crazy Woman Canyon. The locals don’t tell you about the best places, you have to earn them by discovering them yourself.

    • Zazzy, I like the sound of Crazy Woman Canyon! I must look that up. I’ve moved around a fair bit and got to know lots of little corners of this country that way. One of the best things about being in a new place – finding things off the tourist trail.