One Week February 26th – Battersea Park Zoo

This week, I am linking up with Older Mum in a Muddle who is running a project called One Week.  The idea is that you post a photograph and a few words or short(ish) paragraph which capture the spirit of the time of year.  It can be photo of anything that distills and diarises your experience of this week.  Details are here if you would like to join in.

I read somewhere that Battersea Park Zoo in London has a tunnel for the small children to crawl through which brings them right up close to the meerkats in the middle of their enclosure.  I love meerkats, and I know that my little chap does, so we went along to see if the tunnel was large enough for adults to get into too.  Answer, only the very enthusiastic ones!

Great meeting place for a few excited children! Speaking of excited creatures, an Emu took exception to my husband taking it’s photo, reached over and, with a sharp peck of it’s beak, had the camera out of my husband’s hand.  Another dad caught the whole thing on video and it caused a lot of merriment amongst the assembled group.  Luckily the camera was on a long loop around my husband’s neck, so he managed to retrieve it without too much bother.  But just look at the expression on this emu’s face. Not happy!


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  1. I’ve never been to Battersea Park Zoo – Meerkats are fun. But the incident with the camera really made me laugh over my breakfast. Just love the expression on that Emu’s face!

    • It certainly caused a lot of amusement amongst the assembled crowd OM. I was watching the little man on the playpark so didn’t see it, but like you, I think the expression is priceless!

  2. Fantastic pic of the emu – almost as good as the mental image of you taking n the tunnels 😉

    • Sarah, there was no way I was enthusiastic enough to even try that! I’m not sure the assembled children would have been very amused to find a grown up in their midst. Besides, I’m way too tall to stand up in that dome! Glad you like the emu. Good for a chuckle. :-)

  3. What a great photo and what a wonderful story to go with it. Emu looks very unhappy. Who’d have thought that they had such expressive faces?

    • Ally, the emu really does look extremely unchuffed with the whole situation, doesn’t he. He made his feelings abundantly clear. You are right, I wouldn’t have thought that their faces could show so much emotion.

  4. I wonder if the emu/camera incident is now on Youtube?
    and I love the tunnel very much! I want to go now.

    • It might be, Gemma, there were plenty of people with video cameras around. Will have to check. Zoo is definitely worth a visit, it’s only small but interesting for small people. And you, if you want to go through the tunnels!

  5. Ha ha. But then haven’t we always known that emus are a bit feisty?

  6. Ian

    Never mind the Emu, what about my fingers! :-)