One Week – Autumn 2012 – Red Hair

I’m finally getting round to linking up with Older Mum’s project “One Week”.  Older Mum publishes this link every season and the idea is that we take a photo each day for one week which describes our lives and experiences during that one week.  I’ve been reading other people’s contributions but never got around to taking part myself, until now.

So here we are.  Finally, after more years than I care to consider, of thinking about it on and off, finally, I have coloured my hair red.  And I’m really rather pleased with the result!  I think I fit right in with the season.

one week


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12 Responses to One Week – Autumn 2012 – Red Hair

  1. W.O.W that colour is fabulous Polly – I love it! I’ve always wanted hair that colour though I fear that the dye would turn my locks bright orange! Thank you for linking up!

  2. Brilliant! You’ve made me feel so much better about not getting my pics up yet. *whispers* I think you’re supposed to put her badge up? XXX

  3. Looks very shiny! I wish I looked good with red hair. It seems very upbeat and adventuresome.

    • Adventuresome is exactly what I am trying to be, Zazzy, it is my new birthday-year resolution. I have a few ideas in the pipeline, hopefully some good blogs to follow.

  4. Wow beautiful colour and so fitting for the season. You remind me I must get something done to my mop.

  5. Mummy Plum

    Wow. Looks great. Such a vibrant, cheerful colour. x