One Week – Autumn 2012 – Red Velvet

Linking up once again with Older Mum’s One Week project, and continuing the red theme that seems to be developing – my son’s birthday is in the autumn and we had a Moshi Monster Katsuma cake made for him.  The cake was red velvet and the icing was yellow and red.  Absolutely the best birthday cake I’ve ever eaten, my own or anyone else’s.



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10 Responses to One Week – Autumn 2012 – Red Velvet

  1. That is fabulous – and it looks really delicious! I’ll bet the Little Man was very pleased! Thank you for linking up again!

  2. Wow! That looks amazing. I love cake and red velvet is one of my faves. A massive YUM!

  3. I always wondered if those fancy cakes ended up tasting any good. It’s really cute and I’m so glad that it tasted good too. :)

  4. Not only does your decoration look fantastic, the inside cake looks amazing, I’m drooling. I love Red Velvet and yours just looks incredible.

  5. I am liking your alternative take on the Autumn theme. Delicious too!