Newsflash – Unhappy Shepherds in Kent, UK

Following on from Ally Bean’s picture of the Midwestern US sunset earlier this week, I thought I would share this image of the sunrise from my bedroom window this morning. It’s supposed to be 18 degrees today, so not sure why we had a red sky. Needless to say, the shepherds hereabouts are less than pleased!


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6 Responses to Newsflash – Unhappy Shepherds in Kent, UK

  1. You’re back with a vengeance! Lovely photo!

  2. Love it! I wonder why in the UK the saying is about shepherds while in the USA it’s about sailors? Same displeasure with red skies in morning, though. Whiny crowd those shepherds & sailors.

    • Ally I didn’t know that about the US. It’s not like you are a large seafaring nation, most of your land being nowhere near the coast. We should have that saying, being an island nation. :-)

      • Lisa

        au contrare!
        US is mahoosive sailing nation. Think – ALL immigration pre 1950 would have arrived by sea and all the major cities in the years of development were coastal. Add into that mix the Great Lakes and the huge rivers, the Intracoastal Waterway and you have a huge number of sailors! (as is demonstrated everytime they trash the world in sailing events!).

        • Well I’m surprised. I’m aware their coastlines are long (obviously) but the majority of the land is landlocked (if that makes any sense), so I’m surprised that sailing features so strongly when the majority of people, I imagine, are a long way from the sea.