My first…

The extremely funny Anya from Older Single Mum has very kindly tagged me on this “My First…” meme.  I really enjoyed reading Anya’s answers and they are here.  After an extended period away from the blog and writing in general, it’s been a lovely way to jump back into the fray.  So here we go.

My first boyfriend

Graeme Stock.  We were 11 or 12.  He lived up the road from us and went to my school (I hope he never Googles himself and comes across this!).

The first person I kissed

Same person.  It was lovely, I liked it.  We were together quite a while, considering how young we were.

My first job

I had series of Saturday jobs, including in a shop which was a smaller version of Superdrug, in a large Tesco’s and in a greengrocers which also had a deli counter (that was my responsibility).  There might have been more but it was a long time ago!  I had a paper round too.

My first paypacket

Unfortunately my Saturday money wasn’t mine to spend on frivolities.  But working in Tesco’s bought an increase sufficient for me to buy sweet and sour chicken on the way home.  I remember it still.  I really enjoyed that meal and the little bit of independence it brought me.

My first CD

It was called Satin & Steel and was a compilation of soft rock songs.  I bought it in York on a Saturday.  I still have it somewhere, probably in storage with most of my other stuff.  My first record (you know, the 7”, round black plastic things) was Jean Michel Jarre’s Equinox.  School played it to us in assembly (for goodness only knows what reason) but I loved it and bought the single, which had two parts of the album on it.  Singles were 99p in those days.  How I am showing my age!  Probably still have that somewhere too, but less sure where it might be.

My first holiday abroad

Does Dublin count?  I had a lovely week there.  If that doesn’t count, then Italy, in the countryside near Florence, surrounded by vineyards.  I felt totally at home!

What age were you when you moved out of your parents’ home?

I’d just had my 17th birthday, I’d worked all summer to save some money and I’d just started my A levels.  It wasn’t a moment too soon.

Thanks to Anya for tagging me and providing the opportunity to get the creative juices flowing again.  As this meme has been around for a while now, I’d like to challenge anyone who fancies taking a short trip down memory lane to have a go.  Let me know your “firsts.”


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  1. Great stuff Polly. Glad your juices are flowing. Am with you on the not leaving home a moment too soon – but we know that about each other don’t we? X

  2. Lisa

    oh! Graham Stock! I’d forgotten about him. He was SOOO tall!. And very good looking if I remember correctly.

    As you know, I don’t keep a blog, so can I add mine here?

    My first boyfriend: Malcolm. The boy I ended up marrying – and then divorcing. I met him when I was sixteen.

    The first person I kissed: A boy called Martin who I met at a church camp when I was fourteen. A holiday romance!

    My first job: sweeping up in my dad’s sweet shop in return for pocket money (50p a week).

    My first paypacket: Saturday job at Tesco during A levels. Manning the menswear department. I had to leave because I picked up a stalker who used to sit in the shoe department whistling at me all day.

    My first CD: the soundtrack to Pulp Fiction. My first record purchase was actually two at the same time – Zoom by Fat Larry’s Band and something by U2. I can’t remember which, but my friend’s dad owned the record shop and he told me to buy the U2 because “in years to come it will be a lot cooler to say that U2 was your first purchase, rather than admit to Fat Larry’s Band”. humph. I’ve never liked U2!

    My first holiday abroad: Italy, the place where my father comes from in Tuscany.

    What age were you when you moved out of your parents’ home? 19 or 20. can’t remember exactly, but it was after a humungous row with my sister. I am on a piece of elastic though and have moved back and forth many times.

    thanks Polly – a nice trip down memory lane. x

    • Great answers! I didn’t know you went to a church camp. Didn’t know you had a stalker either, although I remember the Tesco job, I think that’s how I ended up there too. Definitely cooler to say U2 rather than Fat Larry. A great read. Px

  3. I can just picture you savouring that sweet and sour chicken! Its such an achievement getting those first pay packets. And I remember plastic vinyl very well indeed, and seven inches!!!!! Ps Lucky Greame.

  4. wow 11 for a first boyfriend 😉 What great answers x

  5. Have only just seen this – great stuff. Love the connection to Italy and how you’re carrying it on – really enjoyed it. thank you for picking up the baton!

  6. Well I had forgotten I had seen it! This time reading it after reading your top post about Italy – that’s what stuck out! How strange is that? It sort of seeemed familiar but I thought it was the format. I had double enjoyment, thank you – with weeks inbetween!