I’ve been tagged by Kate On Thin Ice on this Motherhood meme, eight questions on all things motherhood.  So here goes:

 Describe Motherhood in three words

My biggest blessing.

Does your experience differ from your mother’s? How?

Completely.  My mum couldn’t cope with children and didn’t really want to be around them.  No idea why she had them in the first place!  I, on the other hand, love my child deeply and completely, I enjoy his company and get a huge thrill from watching him grow and develop.  My mum thought children were a mill-stone and a life sentence.  I know that he is only lent to me, and for such a short time.

What’s the hardest thing about being a mum?

Watching him grow so quickly!  Of course it’s great that he’s growing and thriving, but it’s happening way too quickly for me.  Also, wanting to facilitate the absolute best for him (whatever form that might take) and worrying that I won’t be able to achieve it.  Worrying about letting him down, I suppose.  Also, worrying about keeping him safe.

What’s the best thing?

Way too many things to name!  Hearing his giggle when I tickle him, having a hug, watching him interact confidently with the world, getting snuggley at bedtime, watching him master a new skill – the whole thing, I love the whole thing.

How has it changed you?

It’s made me much more assertive and confident.  I’ve found something that I’m good at and I enjoy.  There are also qualities that have always been there but have been brought out by having my little chap – for example teaching him things, helping him grow, singing, playing silly games, deep love.  Those things were always there but have a focus now.

What do you hope for your children?

No poverty of aspiration in this house!  A decent education is absolutely paramount.  I want him to have options, and then whatever his choices are, that they make him happy.  All I can do is lay the foundations.  They must be solid foundations and then he can build on them as he chooses.  Also, that his self esteem is such that, when the world starts knocking holes in him, he is resilient enough to withstand the tough times.

What do you fear for them?

That he doesn’t reach his potential, whatever that may be.

What makes it all worthwhile?

Sharing the world with him and being able to show him as much of it as possible.  Making the most of as many days as possible.  Hearing him calling me when he wakes in the morning.

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Anyone else want to have a go at this?  Warm and fuzzy feelings guaranteed!


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10 Responses to Motherhood

  1. This is a great meme. And will need to think about it first before I start tapping away on the PC. My mum gave a similar message to me – that it was a ball and chain around the ankle. I love the fact you can see all the qualities it has brought out in you – even the ones that lay just below the surface. I am sorely lacking in the confidence department at the moment. I want a good education for Little A too – I want her to have a life of choice.

    • So looking forward to reading yours OM. You have a lot to be proud of, especially as you got a similar message as I did when you were growing up – I know how that feels and how you have to consciously choose to have a different approach. Just breaking the cycle is something to be very proud of and a huge cause for celebration.

  2. Beautiful post! Sometimes I regret not having children but it’s people like you who should do the mother things. I think your little guy is very lucky.

    • Thanks Zazzy, that means a lot. I’m not really a cat person, so I’m glad that there are very cat-orientated people like you in the world to care for them because they need it too. x

  3. love this – found myself nodding in agreement – repeatedly!

  4. Lovely answers. I’m so glad you’ve found a way to be the mum you want to be, despite not having the most positive experience of being mothered yourself.
    I am with you on the self -esteem piece. It is so important. And the education too. (To the point at which I find myself doing all kinds of things I thought I’d never do in order to try do the best for my son!). Great meme and thanks for the tag x

  5. I found this really hard to read – because it’s beautiful and I’m finding it even harder to write but am now on it. Thank you for the tag. Am looking forward to the warm and fuzzy feelings!