Losing my Groove?

This post was inspired by Kate On Thin Ice.  Her blog-hop is for mums who want to rediscover the woman they used to be or to reinvent themselves altogether.   I’ve linked up again with Kate to post my progress in forging a completely new groove for myself.

This week’s post is entitled Losing my Groove because I feel I’ve lost my way a bit.  I haven’t had as much time to devote to writing this week and there seem to have been a million and one other demands on my time and energy.  The blog isn’t getting as much attention as I thought it might.  I didn’t go to Fat Fighters or Italian and I haven’t been to the gym.  However, as suggested by Kate last week, I did have a fantastic breakfast on Sunday morning.  We got into the car and drove round the M25 to the part of South West London where I used to live.  We had a lovely breakfast in the Lebanese café I’ve spoken of in another post, complete with lots of coffee and a cursory glance at the newspapers (it’s all we could manage with the small boy).  Then we went to Richmond Park to see the deer and fly our kites.  Unfortunately there wasn’t enough wind for kite flying but we did see some deer and the small man had a wonderful time climbing trees.  It was a lovely sunny day, the weather was perfect.  This week I also bought myself a proper grown up hat which I love and makes me feel very different.  Now I’m just waiting for cooler weather so I can wear it.

This week I am going to take the advice of a friend of mine who is a massage therapist (but no longer practising) and have a massage.  I think this will completely change my sense of wellbeing.  Sometimes I’m offered a free hand massage at my hairdressers and it’s amazing how that short intervention can change the way I feel and carry myself.  I’m hoping for even better results from my appointment on Tuesday.  I’m also going to check www.do-it.org.uk as suggested by Kate and see if I could apply for any of the volunteering roles advertised.  Volunteering has been a big part of my life at various times, so there might be something there that appeals.

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9 Responses to Losing my Groove?

  1. Kate says:

    Great to see you linking up again.
    I am having a lacklustre sort of few days too, I guess all part of the journey and we can probably learn something from them. So thrilled you had what sounds like a very special breakfast and I remember Richmond Park so well from a long time ago.
    I want to see a pic of the hat. They say women wear them when they start to feel more confident so maybe this is a sign and your thinking just needs to catch up a bit.
    Yes for volunteering but don’t forget to get them new knickers as well lol.
    Hope to see you next week

  2. Older Mum says:

    I can totally empathise with losing your groove. Sometimes we just have weeks when we aimed to do certain things but everything then turns to smoke. massage sounds like a great idea. Richmond park is lovely – I got married there!

  3. Lisa says:

    Yes, show us the hat, show us the hat! And did you get the handbag? 😀

    Don’t worry about losing momentum, you will get on track again because you want to and making the decision to want something and do something about it can be the hardest part.

    Als0 – don’t get despondent about the blog attention – it will come when the time is ready and it looks like you are enjoying the chance to be creative – keep at it!

  4. Some weeks are just like this, aren’t they? I can understand how you feel about not getting the time to write for your blog, I feel the same. The quality of what you write is wonderful though…I loved alphabet spaghetti! (I’d love to be a fly on the wall at THAT dinner party!)

    As for the Italian: ‘Uno cappuccino, per favore’…I’m sure that’s all you need to know!

  5. mammasaver says:

    I’ve had a week like that too!

    It’s great when you feel finally back on track though, which I’m sure you already are (judging by your blog).

    A fab breakfast and a lovely trip to Richmond Park both sound great!

    I agree with Lisa – show us the hat!

  6. Susan Mann says:

    We all have times like that as long as we get our groove back. Great piece x

  7. Thanks to everyone for their comments. I’ll post a picture of the hat with next week’s post!

  8. I’m glad you got a chance to have your special breakfast, and I hope you get your massage booked – will def give your wellbeing a boost. We’re all going to have weeks that aren’t so great and I hope this week has been better for you.