Life in the Day – A resolution for 2013

I don’t really make resolutions for the new year, because generally I find that if I fall off whatever wagon I’ve set myself up for, I become very dispirited.  I prefer to be flexible and I believe that, so long as the trend is upwards, minor setbacks shouldn’t be taken too seriously.  I’m trying to be less black and white.

However, I also think that if I don’t keep a track of myself, whole passages of time can just disappear and I’m left feeling that nothing much has been achieved.  For example, I went back to learning French in the summer with the intention of being more fluent by the time a planned visit came around at Christmas time.  Only I allowed my momentum to peter out and, by Christmas, I knew not very much more French than I had in the summer.  In September, after a short period of feeling a few degrees under, I made plans to look after myself better, lose some weight, shape up a bit.  By year end, I’m only 2kg lighter.  I didn’t keep an eye on myself.  This is how whole years can disappear in a blur as time passes ever faster and faster.

So with this thought in mind, I’m going to devote the blog to putting more Life In My Day.  By that, I mean I want to do at least one life affirming thing every day and blog about as much of it as I can.  Life affirming, by my definition, could mean anything from taking a big trip somewhere to taking a deep bubble bath when I’m freezing cold; from reading an amazing book to learning a new skill; from spending time with old friends to making new ones. And then writing about it.

Let’s see where 2013 takes us.

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14 Responses to Life in the Day – A resolution for 2013

  1. Zazzy says:

    I agree with you – both that “resolutions,” per se, tend to make me feel less good since they are usually unrealistic, and also that time can just blur on by leaving my vague goals on the side of the road. I like the idea of doing something Life Affirming every day and I’m looking forward to reading more as you write more.

    • Thanks Zazzy – I will feel more inclined to get off the sofa when I know I’m supposed to be writing about it! Hopefully this is a project that will develop over the year. Hope you had a good day yesterday.

  2. Ally Bean says:

    I like your idea. One thing per day seems doable. This sounds like the beginning of an interesting year in blogging for you. Can’t wait to see where it all takes you.

    • Thanks Ally. At the moment I’m thinking more bubble baths than venturing out (it’s freezing here!), but I know this will change. Also I think that the discipline of writing a short post almost every day will be good for me in other ways too.

  3. Firstly, love the new look blog, and I really love the font that goes with the 2010 theme – it’s a real writers font if you know what I mean! Also I love your idea – a great idea to track you as a person and feel grateful for the everyday. And I love the Life In a Day idea – fabulous. So glad to have you back! XXX.

    • Thanks OM! One of the things I want to tackle this year is web design and making the blog look more interesting, but this is the best I could do at this point! Glad you like it. I’m pleased with it as this blog is no longer just about books and writing. If I can find just one inspiring and life affirming thing in every day, however small it may be, then I shall be doing very well I think.

  4. Mummy Plum says:

    Happy New Year Polly! Have enjoyed reading your posts so far this year and the new direction that your blog is taking – already feel that I’m getting to know more about you. Love the idea of life in the day – a very positive premise, especially at the start of a new year.

    • Thanks Mummy Plum! I’m enjoying seeking out (mini) adventures to have in my day and the more I can involve the little man in, the better. Adventures with little men is something I know you’re finding out more about every day, too!

  5. Leoarna says:

    Love the concept, have signed up to follow your journey. Also love your blog-name… I have a little man who ends up having to roll with his big sister’s adventures, so hoping you’ll inspire us to grab moments for the two of us.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment, Leoarna. I’m a big believer in just doing something which may even seem little or inconsequential, because you just never know where it might lead! And having my little man along for the ride just makes it all the better.

  6. all my un-resolutions this year are all left over from last year too! All we can do is keep going, looking forward to reading about your mini-adventures, my life these days is one long min-adventure with the little girl too!

    • Thanks for commenting MLM. It’s amazing how many of our ideas and aims get carried from one year to the next. One year I made several resolutions as follows: eat less, drink more, sleep less, go out more etc (pre children days). Amazingly, I hit every one of those targets!

  7. My new thing is a New Day Resolution! Wake up on a morning, decide what I want to achieve, achieve it, feel goooooood!! You could make the longer term goals part of your day goal also. Some days it’s good to wake up and just say ‘today I want to achieve nothing’ and that’s ok too, as long as it’s not every day :)

    • Hi there Jetta, thanks for commenting. You are so right – some days it’s OK to do nothing, I hadn’t really thought of it like that before. I love the idea of making a New Day resolution, that’s one very good way to make sure that something is achieved and the time doesn’t just float by.