January 9th – Treading water

In order to put more Life in my Day, I have decided upon several longer term aims which I’ll keep coming back to, regularly examining, moulding and shaping them in anticipation that they will make life better overall in the long run.  Two of these aims are to eat better (and thereby, perchance, lose a little weight) and exercise more regularly, thereby clearing my mind, improving my health and generally putting a bit more of the old bounce back in my bones.

A very wise blogger recently said to me that making longer term goals part of goals for the day was very worthwhile, as is waking up and deciding that actually, today I want to achieve nothing (thank you Jetta!).

Today was a bit of a mixture of pursuing long term goals and doing nothing.  I wanted to visit a volunteering centre to see what they might have that I could get involved in.  Their flyer suggested “it’s not just about charity shops” and that appealed to me.  So whilst I waited for them to open, I went to the coffee shop (thereby scuppering my healthy eating record for the day).  I was just about to leave to go to the centre, when I read the flyer again – please ring to make an appointment.  Hmm.  It’s not a drop-in then.  I rang and left my details but nobody has yet called me back.  The centre is open only on Wednesdays, so another week will pass before I can follow that up.

So having started the day by going backwards, in some respects, I decided to make amends by going for a swim.  This resulted in two life affirming events, to make up for the two false starts earlier in the day.  The swim was brilliant, the pool was practically empty, and I managed a good 30 lengths in about 20 minutes.  When I was sitting in my car getting ready to drive back, I saw two separate women trying to get into their cars without unlocking the doors.  I do this ALL THE TIME!  And it makes me feel like such a Charlie.  It was amusing and reassuring to learn that I am not the only scatterbrain who forgets over the course of an hour that she left her car locked.  I’ve no idea why I do this, but it’s good to know I’m not the only one.

So today was a bit of a treading-water day.  I’m not sure how much I’ve actually achieved, but my intentions were good!


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14 Responses to January 9th – Treading water

  1. I say that it was more than a treading water day. You got out, you’re looking into volunteering, you went swimming – those are all positive things. Maybe you should add giving yourself credit for what you do to your list?

  2. Have to agree with Zazzy Polly – Sounds like you’ve had a very good day today – I love swimming – its great exercise and has a clever way of clearing the mind X.

  3. I think that sounds like a good day x

    • It was a good day, Susan, just not as productive as I would have liked. Especially as by lunchtime I’d not actually achieved anything much! And the volunteer place still hasn’t called me back! x

  4. Somedays it feels like we are getting no where but in fact we are, and it takes someone else to point it out. Sometimes we expect too much of ourselves everyday, so a day of ‘nothing’ should be welcome. But by nothing, I bet you still got up, showered, dressed, made the bed, made breakfast / lunch / dinner – cleared it all up. A day of ‘nothing’ rarely is lol.x

    • How true that is, Lynsey! There is rarely a day of nothing. I just don’t want too many days of “nothing over and above the usual”. That would be progress. Thanks for commenting. x

  5. Loving your new look site and the new you! So impressed you have goals, long-term at that, and you’re sticking to them! Wouldn’t class coffee as unhealthy, maybe it’s just me but a per-requisite for anything being achieved. Maybe I should rethink my new year’s resolutions…..feeling inspired xx

    • It’s not so much the coffee, Dr Marbles, as the bun that goes with it! I love coffee so much that I only drink one or two a day, otherwise the taste just becomes samey and I don’t taste it anymore. Looking forward to hearing what your new plans are – now you’ve got maybe a little more time than you have had recently! Any thoughts yet? xx

  6. I think it’s important to relax and see what comes up – we can surprise ourselves. This sounds a perfect day. X

  7. I used to work in a Volunteering Centre and we were delighted if people dropped in. The trouble is years ago there were cuts and now even more so there is so little funding to keep these services going. Staff see the insecurity of their posts and move on. Meanwhile, most people like you won’t go back having being let down once. Stick with it though because in my experience, you always get as much out of volunteering as you put in especially if you get the right match.

    • Thanks for the advice Kate, you are so right. I’ve worked for Age Concern, the NCT and The Food Chain (London based charity) in the past, and loved it. The co-ordinator got back to me eventually, by phone and by email, so I’m seeing her on Wednesday if I can get the car out by then. We’ve had lots of snow here!