January 7th – Exercise!

Exercise is just one of those things that most of us don’t do enough of.  I know I don’t.  Sometimes just the thought of making the effort just makes me want to sit down on a deep sofa with a large latte and blueberry muffin.  Defeating the object, I know.  When people say that you feel so much better after exercise, I tend to think – yes, that’s because you’ve stopped.

It wasn’t always like this.  Last year, I was running 10k in just over an hour, and really enjoying it.  But then I changed my routine, got out of the habit, got a little less fit, a little more fat, and then there was a brief period of illness in the autumn which stopped me in my tracks completely.

My son went back to school today, so it’s a good day to blow away the cobwebs of inactivity and the out-of-routine-ness of the Christmas period.  I met a new-ish friend in the park for a walk and a coffee.  She works with books and has travelled a bit, and is very much my kind of person.  We had a great chat about books we love, places we’ve visited, plans for the future, and before I knew it we’d walked all the way round the park.  After coffee, I felt so energised that I decided to go to the gym for a swim.  But when I got there, the pool was full of people doing aqua-fit to music played at top volume, which just didn’t fit in with my frame of mind this morning.  So I hit the treadmill instead, and surprised myself by running 3k.  All in one go.  Not much by some people’s standards, but who cares about comparing myself with anyone else.  It was an achievement for me, a big one.  And I feel as if I might have done a couple of hundred metres more had I not forgotten my water bottle.

So this is a great start to my year of finding life affirming things to do every day.  I can run for more than a few minutes at a time, and what’s more, I enjoyed it.  I now feel so enthused about it, I can’t wait to go back on Wednesday.


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9 Responses to January 7th – Exercise!

  1. You ran that far after not having run in months? How sore are you today?

    • Not very, Zazzy, surprisingly! I did a LOT of stretching afterwards and had a very hot shower so I imagine that helped. I didn’t have to push myself, it just seemed to happen. I was thinking about the possibility of going to Seville in Spain in half term, trying to work out how feasible it is, and that kind of took my mind off things!

  2. Oh boy! Exercise is so on my radar too but I’ve been so rubbish at getting on with it, and it saddens me when I think of how much I used to exercise – I MUST find time for it somewhere this year!

    • Sometimes its so tricky to find the time OM. Yesterday just seemed to fall into place, I hardly had to think about it, other days it takes a real effort. I’m hoping for more days like yesterday! Good luck with finding some time for yourself.

  3. Crikey – the walk round the park sounds enough, let alone another 3k! Exercise is wonderful for the soul. Sounds like it’s doing you good X

  4. Well done you. Just can’t imagine a day when I could handle exercise like that. Inspirational stuff.

    • Kate, I have to do it when the mood takes me, otherwise I wouldn’t do it at all! Today is definitely a day for not doing it at all. In fact, I’m off to bake a lemon drizzle cake in anticipation of a friend coming round later. :-) Thanks for commenting!

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