January 5th – Theatre trip to London

OK, it was a children’s production, but nevertheless it was time spent in London, and we all enjoyed the show.  We went to see Room on the Broom at the Lyric Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue.   It’s based on the book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, which we’ve always really enjoyed; the rhymes are excellent and the verses are so catchy that it’s easily remembered.

My son was given a child’s size guitar for Christmas so when we arrived in London we went to the music shop on Charing Cross Road and bought a tuner.  I used to play the violin when I was younger and have a set of pitch pipes for that instrument, but I know nothing whatsoever about guitars or how to tune them.  We talked to the man in the shop and ended up buying an electronic tuner which works for any instrument – you can even tune your nose, as he demonstrated to us!  This little gizmo is going to be useful as one of the ideas I have in the back of my mind for this year is to learn another instrument.  At the moment I’m thinking oboe or clarinet, but I’ve yet to decide.

After the theatre we had lunch in a Soho sushi bar and then visited a bookshop.  We came home then, as the little man was tired out from walking round the West End and all the excitement, so we walked back down to the station and caught the train home.

A brief visit, but enjoyable nonetheless.


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  1. Oh, what a wonderful idea! I’d like to take up an instrument again, perhaps just take piano lessons again and get my skills back in working order. I wonder if there’s a piano teacher anywhere near.

    • Zazzy, I would love to be able to play the piano! There is just no room for it where we live, though, unfortunately. I always thought that if we had one as part of the household, maybe the little man might be fascinated enough to have a go too. I hope you find a teacher near to you and take it up again, how exciting would that be!

  2. You have the most wonderful days. All of what you did sounds so exotic to a suburbanite like me.

    As for the tuner I knew nothing about it, either. As a girl, I played violin so I have the same pitch pipe that you have. And I played the clarinet! So I’m rooting for you to choose it as your next instrument.

    • Ally, it’s great to know you played the clarinet. I may well have to ask you a few questions about it and your experience of it nearer the time. I don’t know what the differences are between that and an oboe (in practical terms), so I’d be very interested in what you thought / think.

  3. We went to see Stick Man before Christmas – that was fab too – we almost went to see Room on the Broom too (I love that story) but were happy with the animated version that was televised over Xmas (we need to save the pennies at the mo) . The Little Man is really growing up!

    • OM, as so often happens, I booked Room on the Broom before we knew it was on the TV at Christmas. We’ve had many DVDs recently that were also on at Christmas, it just seems to happen that way! I’m glad we did it though, it was an excellent production, and fabulous for me to be back in London too. Would have liked to have seen Stick Man too, though. I will have to look into whether that is still on somewhere nearby.

  4. Goodness, I saw a new post from you in my inbox – I come over to check you out to discover you’re like buses – nothing for ages and then a few come along at once! Great stuff though! I do enjoy your writing and your stories, reviews, plans etc. Do you think you’ll get to Britmums conf on one of your London outings and we could meet up? XX

    • Thanks Anya! I’ll have to look into the Britmums thing. My husband has several weekend commitments during the summer months and I usually find they fall when so many other interesting things are going on. Would love to get along there, so will make that one of my positive, life affirming actions in the coming days – seeing if it’s possible to organise it. It sounded like a lot of fun last year.

  5. Scary the similarities here….could we be clones!! Bella also got a child size guitar for crimson and loves strumming away with her eyes closed cause “that’s what rock stars do”. Despite playing the violin as a kid I seem to now be inherently tone deaf and unable to help her musical talents, thankfully Dad is a pro. As for Julia Donaldson…..wish I wrote books like her, I used to work with her husband who is a paediatrician and became hooked pre-kids…….and whoosh I was gone xx

    • Dr Marbles, I love the way children make assumptions like that – “because that’s what rock stars do”! That’s brilliant and just shows the power of example. I’m a big fan of Julia Donaldson too. Have you come across “The Highway Rat” yet? Such a good story and brilliant rhyme. The illustrations are superb, too, as ever (Alex Scheffler). Interesting information about Mr Donaldson – I’ve seen him on a video with his wife, singing something or the other. Thanks for having a browse. xx