January 1st – Greenwich Park

One of my aims this year is to spend more time in London, so with that in mind, let’s begin as we mean to continue.  Today we visited Greenwich Park, which was life affirming in many different ways.  Apart from ticking the London box, the day was one of those gloriously sunny, clear but cold days, which was invigorating.  We took the little man’s bike, which meant we were able to cover quite a bit of the park as he cycled off.  If we’d all been on foot, we wouldn’t have got as far as we did.  I enjoyed being amongst the crowds out in the fresh air, and doing a bit of people-watching while I waited for hubby to bring my latte from the Pavilion Cafe.  I looked out from the viewpoint near the observatory, which affords a magnificent view over central London, one of my favourite views of London as you can see so much from there, Primrose Hill being my other top favourite, which looks in the other direction.  From the viewpoint, I could see the building I used to work in, just across the water in Canary Wharf.  I enjoyed hearing the familiar squeak of the green parakeets which have set up residence in London.  When I lived in London full time, the parakeets were mainly in West / South West London, but they’ve gradually made inroads eastwards and I now sometimes hear them in parts of Kent, but there is nothing quite like hearing their incongruous call in the skies of London.  I enjoyed the bustle and energy of the place and I’m already planning solo return visits during school hours.  Great beginning to the new year.

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8 Responses to January 1st – Greenwich Park

  1. Sounds lovely – and yes, such great views from Greenwich Park . Those pesky parakeets are now in South London? They are getting everywhere – I’m so used to having them on my back door? X.

    • They are making inroads into Kent, now, OM. We sometimes hear them in Knole Park in Sevenoaks if we are over that way. I have to say I love them, their little squeaks are so cheerful and completely incongruous, and such a welcome change from the ubiquitous London pigeon!

  2. Ally Bean says:

    I didn’t know about green parakeets in London. I remember seeing lots of pigeons [& the ravens at the Tower of London of course], but parakeets are new to me. They sound pretty… in theory.

  3. Zazzy says:

    Wild (feral?) parakeets this time of year? Shouldn’t they have migrated south or something? Sounds like a fun day!

    • You’d think they would migrate, Zazzy, wouldn’t you! But they are naturalised London parakeets and have somehow managed to adapt to the climate and thrive.

  4. Kate Mendez says:

    Greenwich park is a huge favourite of ours too. Lots of open space ,love the ornamental gardens at the top and the bike tracks at the bottom. You’ve got the National Maritime Museum which is brilliant for both adults and children. The play-park is large has stuff for the ages of all our 3. Have you ever walked under the long tunnel under the river? We did that – not much on the other side but a fun free thing to do. There is also a wonderful Mexican restaurant in Greenwich. BTW, we need to catch up!

    • We haven’t found the bike tracks at the bottom yet – must look into that because cycling was sometimes tricky up top due to so many people! I have walked under that tunnel and found it very weird, but it was many years ago, maybe it has been upgraded since those days. Thanks for the restaurant tip, too, love Mexican food. Was thinking only earlier this week we need to meet up. Will email. Px