January 15th – Cinema

Cinema used to be a very big love of mine.  I don’t mean in a critic sort of way, just that I used to love going, every week, to see something new and different.  I’ve come across some amazing films that way, that probably would never have appeared on my radar otherwise.

When I lived in London, I was about a 20 minute walk from a large multiplex and it was £5 admission if you went early enough in the afternoon.  So I went early Saturday afternoons, nearly every week.  I saw some amazing films, and some trash it has to be said.  But enjoyable, whimsy trash nonetheless.

When I moved out to the country, our nearest cinema was a 20 minute drive away.  It was (maybe still is) a flea pit, filthy on the handful of occasions I’ve been there, litter everywhere, not a pleasant place to be.  So I didn’t.  However, now my little man is at school, settled and very happy, I feel more at liberty to start going again through the day.  The cinema at Bluewater is beautifully kept and has an 11am showing (or thereabouts) for most films and I feel that, as I do not find it easy to go in the evenings for all sorts of reasons, I’m going to take advantage of that early showing every couple of weeks.   I’ve really felt the lack of cinema in my life in recent times, and in order to address that I got myself a subscription to LoveFilm, and had DVDs delivered to home.  Really this was the only way I was going to get to see some of the films I wanted to see.  But now I have a bit more time during the day, I’m going to return to the cinema.

I’m also enjoying introducing my son to cinema.  The first film he ever saw was in 3D, at the Science Museum in London.  It was about life under the sea, and the beginning of the film had lots of octopi seeming to float out of the screen.  It was really amusing to see all the little hands in the audience reach up as if to pluck them out of the air!  Since then he’s seen Madagascar 3 and a film called The Pirates! in 3D and Top Cat and a couple of others in standard format.  He’s loved them all.

Some films are so much better on the large screen: I would have loved to have seen Avatar and I will see the sequel on the big screen.  I went to see Life of Pi in 3D last week (in the evening with some friends) and enjoyed it very much.  It’s one of the best films I’ve seen in recent times and it would have lost so much of its spectacular cinematography on the small screen.  I’m aiming to go to see Les Miserables next week as I think the atmosphere will be so much better at the cinema.  That is going to be such a popular film!


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  1. I’ve never liked going to the movies. I am weird on this point. I feel anxious in movie theaters– and like you mentioned, they are often times inconveniently located &/or dirty.

    Plus, I don’t seem to have the patience to sit still long enough to watch a movie. Used to be movies were 1 1/2 hrs long which is fine, but now they go on forever. And are loud. With flashy lights. *meh*

    I wish that I enjoyed the experience more, but I don’t.

    • Funny you should mention feeling anxious, Ally. I’ve noticed the last couple of times a similar feeling, especially if I’m stuck in the middle of a row. I feel better in an end seat. I’m going to ignore it though and not let it get in the way of my enjoyment. I know what you mean about some films being too long. Life of Pi was so good, so it didn’t seem long, but The Hobbit? Meh, as you say.

  2. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a film in the theater. If there were one anywhere near here that would be a fun thing to do. A day time showing sounds great!

    • Zazzy, I am fortunate to have a very good cinema not too far away. I have the unfortunate habit of comparing everything to how it was in London, which is ridiculous. I’m grateful that I get to go at all. And daytime showings seem so decadent somehow.

  3. I love the cinema too – one of my favourite types of night out is a restaurant followed by the cinema. I really wanted to see Silver Linings Playbook. Good to know that Life of Pi was worth it – when do you think is the right time to take a child to see their first movie – about 3 and a half? X.

    • OM, I think that’s an excellent age. We took the little man to the theatre at about that age, maybe slightly younger (The Gruffalo) and he loved it and sat through it, so that is how we decided to move on to cinema. Half term is coming up in a few weeks, so there will be lots to choose from I’m sure. Would love to know how Little A likes it.

  4. Mummy Plum

    I have always wanted to go to the cinema in the day by myself. I’ve always thought it quite a different thing to do and strangely indulgent too! Would love to hear about your experience if you go.

    A good film can be so uplifting. Wish I got to go to the cinema more but it seems ridiculous to pay a fortune for a babysitter and then sit and not talk to each other all night . One day…

    • The cost is kind of one of the reasons why we don’t go to the cinema together, Mummy Plum. My husband isn’t really into the cinema the way I am, so we have the DVDs at home, and that seems to work for us. Meanwhile, I get to feel decadent in the middle of the week. Win, win situation.

  5. I used to love the cinema too, but think the last thing I went to see was Bridesmaids! Before that it was The Young Victoria (loved it). I find myself thinking longingly about going, but it has to be something I really want to see or I loathe to pay the £12 (or near to that amount) per person it costs, plus drinks and snacks. I suppose that has developed as budgets and time tightened with having small children lol. I too hope it will be something I can return too as the wee ones get older! ENJOY – I am jealous!x

    • It is expensive Lynsey, no doubt, but we try to avoid the drinks / snacks route (or just get a child’s popcorn for the little man), but I’m generally envisaging going on my own, so would be much more affordable that way. I haven’t seen either of the films you mentioned, but I’m off to see if The Young Victoria is on LoveFilm. I think that’s one I might enjoy! Thanks for commenting. x

  6. Hi Polly, I used to love afternoon Cinema in London and when I first moved to Brighton. It was walking distance and I miss it too. What do you think about a poss meet up at Bluewater one day for our friends commenting on here? Not for the cinema – but to say hello.

    • Ooh, yes! Great idea, Anya! I would definitely be up for that. I love the cinema in Brighton, too. I think I went to see Austin Powers there, so it was a few years ago. Come to think of it, I love Brighton. Lots going on there too. x