…In with the New

The Groovingmums bloghop encourages women to consider themselves a bit more, to sparkle as a woman in our own right as the festive season approaches at breakneck speed, to move forward with goals large and small and to get that va-va voom back in a way which makes sense to us as the individuals we are.  This week’s challenges can be found at www.kateonthinice.wordpress.com.

This week it occurred to me how little time we spend on ourselves, even when we are actively and mindfully trying to achieve that.  The past three weeks have been a blur of schools admissions related activity.  If I haven’t been visiting schools or reading about schools, I’ve been thinking about schools, talking about schools or listening to other people talk about schools.  Time for myself has been limited; I’ve found that even when I’ve been supposed to be reading, my mind has been drifting in the direction of schooling.  Trying to put that aside for a few consecutive minutes, I’ve managed to take up two of Kate’s challenges set last week.

Last week’s post was all about throwing out the old and making more space.  This week is about bringing into the house things that soothe me and make me happy.  I treated myself to a beautiful candle in a tin in an expensive gift shop last week.  It’s scented with orange and cinnamon, very festive, and makes the house smell delicious.  A bit of an extravagance but I like the flickering flame in the evenings when I’ve got a book in my hand, even though I may not be reading it.

I really love the painting by Vincent van Gogh, Sunflowers.  Ikea sold it as a print a few years ago but I didn’t buy it when I saw it, and I haven’t found it since.  So this week I have ordered a copy on the internet.  It hasn’t arrived yet but when it does I’m going to frame it and hang it in my bedroom so I will see it every morning.  A little bit of sunshine on grey and foggy mornings.  Continuing the theme of warmth, last week during the clear out of my wardrobe I found a winter coat that I’d hardly worn.  I tried it on and it fitted.  I’ve been wearing it ever since, it’s a lovely bright red colour and is keeping me warm now the frost has finally started to appear in the mornings.

Looking forward to tackling this week’s challenges!

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6 Responses to …In with the New

  1. Kate says:

    I love this post.
    Oddly, I was going to make this week’s challenge about buying a candle. Strange how great minds think alike.
    Well done you on investing in yourself. We can do it is such small ways that make a huge difference to how we feel.
    Thanks for joining in and for your continued support.
    Oh, I have not intention of changing my blog name. May have to reserve scary bush for the private life.
    Have a good week!

  2. Ally Bean says:

    Nice idea to focus on the balance of things. I’ve thrown out quite a bit of old this year, but don’t know that I’ve added enough new. Must reflect on this.

  3. mammasaver says:

    What a lovely description of what you’ve been up to – from the candle, to the sunflowers, even to the slog of school, school, school.

    It sounds like you’re treasuring what you enjoy, which is really lovely to read about.

    I hope your print comes very soon!

  4. I love the fact that you’re injecting all these warm colours into your life at this (sometimes dreary) time of year. The red of your coat, the bright yellow images of the sunflowers, and the warmth that the candle brings too. Fabulous. x

  5. mishmashmum says:

    I love scented candles, although haven’t bought any for ages as the toddler has been going through a destructive phase! Now the Col weather is drawing, perhaps I might treat myself to one whilst I read my new books as well! Bliss x

  6. Older Mum says:

    How lovely and sensuous – a scented a this time of yearis deliciuos – you aremaking so many lovely changes. Love the fact you are fitting into an old coat which happens to be such a warm colour!