In Praise of Yellow

This post was inspired by Photo Gallery. This week’s prompt is Colour.

This week I found two very beautiful images of yellow.  One is this delightful flower I found in a pot at a café’s outside table and the other is the real beeswax candle that my son rolled himself at a craft exhibition.  The flower was spotted while my family was having coffee and croissants together; the candle we burn for a few minutes every evening to add atmosphere to my son’s bedtime story.

I didn’t much care for yellow until relatively recently.  I used to think it a little insipid with none of the vibrancy of crimson, purple or rich blues and it isn’t a colour I can wear next to my skin.  But then a friend told me just before she died that yellow was her favourite colour and I started to notice how it took so many different shades.  It’s such a cheerful colour, the colour of spring, of sunshine, of warmth, of custard.  My son loves yellow and his bedroom is painted a warm lemon shade.  He always chooses the yellow colouring pencil first and will request a toy or a treat based on the fact that it’s wrapped in yellow packaging.

So yellow is the favourite of at least two people I love and it now resonates with me too.  When I see yellow I see a richness and warmth that I hadn’t noticed before and though I’m still convinced I can’t wear it I appreciate it’s beauty in the natural world.


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9 Responses to In Praise of Yellow

  1. susankmann says:

    ooh lovely, very bright and pretty x

  2. Jacq says:

    I like the candle one. I quite like yellow too but it’s got to be a bright, vibrant yellow. I’m not a fan of pastel colours.

  3. LinsLleisio says:

    I love the candle photograph. Quite beautiful.

  4. QWERTY Mum says:

    Gorgeous candle x

  5. I was never a fan of yellow either, until my daughter declared it her favourite. These are fantastic pictures, especially the candle

  6. sarahmumof3 says:

    what a beautiful post, such lovely photos and like you yellow is a colour i don’t really give much thought too, but now you mention it it is such an important colour in nature and without it life would be a much duller place x

  7. Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments. Px

  8. Liz says:

    I love yellow to, its the colour I have choosen.

  9. kasha says:

    yellow flowers are gorgeous. something so positive about them.
    the candle is a real contrast – and lovely picture.
    two very different yellows.