If I could start my blog over I would…

Writing a blog, or indeed writing at all, is a complete change of direction for me.   When my son was born, I resigned from my property management job in London and devoted myself entirely to him.  Time has passed and he starts school next year.  With the prospect of more hours in the day, I have begun to feel the tug of new opportunities awaiting me.  What an excellent time for a change of direction!  So setting up my blog represents my first tentative step into the world of writing.

The spur for me was the Britmums BlogPrompt project; in order to participate I had to have a blog so I got mine up and running within a week.  This deadline was good for me as I was in danger of developing millipede syndrome, knowing that I have many legs to move but being unable to decide which leg to move first.  I could have tried to read everything, learn as much as I could and then begun the process but as there is nothing like a deadline to focus the mind, I realised I had decisions to make.

The first important decision was the name.  I considered and discarded several possibilities before settling on the final choice, Caught Writing.  The name reflects two possibilities, both of which seem to apply: caught writing, as in been caught with a pen in my hand but also caught writing as in caught the writing bug.  Having decided upon a name, the next consideration was which platform to use.  I’ve settled on WordPress, but there were so many other options from which to choose that again the possibilities seemed endless.

Next was the layout of the blog.  I want the site to be easy to use for both myself and anyone reading it.  I wanted contact information to be particularly prominent.  Should I have the toolbar on the left or the right?  What pictures should I put on the site?  How should I place the facility for leaving comments?  The danger is in setting up something that doesn’t work properly for me or gives the wrong impression.

It’s fortunate that a blog is a constantly evolving document – once it’s created, it can easily be amended as new ideas occur or a new focus or purpose is needed.  I still have so much to learn, but I’m starting to believe that “learning by doing” (always my preferred method) will not necessarily result in something that no-one wants to read.

So, having just started out, I’m pleased with what I’ve done so far.  I’ve learned a lot from reading other people’s blogs and from the difficulties I’ve experienced in navigating them or searching for what I want to see.  I’m sure that as time passes some of the flaws in my blog will become apparent and I will probably want to change everything from beginning to end.  But, as it’s my blog, I can!

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4 Responses to If I could start my blog over I would…

  1. Even before I read this post I was going to tell you that I like your blog design. Have fun with it and I look forward to reading more. xxx

  2. Wow! What a great take on the BritMums Blogging Prompt…well done you! We hope you can join in again this week…”I Cannot Live Without…”

    Thanks so much for linking up Polly!
    Karin @ BritMums