How I’m getting my Groove…

I’m not sure I ever had a groove.  Before my son was born I had a job which I didn’t feel particularly enthusiastic about, involving fairly long hours with a two hour commute at either end of the working day.  I went out after work with colleagues and also did some yoga occasionally but I was unfit, tired and stressed and didn’t have much energy left to devote to anything else.  Looking back now, it feels like I’m appraising a stranger, so different am I now compared to then.  So that is why I’m entitling this piece “How I’m Getting my Groove” rather than getting it back, because I suspect I never had it in the first place.

Once my son was born, I discovered a confidence and energy that I’d never had before.  I thoroughly enjoy being a mum and am so much busier now than I have ever been before.  While my son was very small I devoted myself entirely to him and neglected myself.  I like this groove that I am in, but over the summer it has gradually dawned on me that there is only one more year before he starts primary school.  With the imminent prospect of more free hours, I have decided to use that new-found confidence and energy to carve out some sort of groove just for myself.

So far, this is the list I have drawn up:

  1. Make more time for reading.  So even if I am half comatose on the sofa at 7.30pm, I will still try to read at least one chapter of my current book.
  2. I’ve joined two book groups.  This means I can’t be half comatose on the sofa at 7.30pm on book group evenings.
  3. Learning Italian.  I’ve been dabbling with the language and off for about 10 years, so I’ve decided to consolidate that knowledge and begin a second year course.  This means I can’t be half comatose on the sofa at 7.30pm on Thursdays.
  4. I’ve begun the process of losing weight.  I have a few pounds to shift and have dropped about a quarter of the number needed so far.  This also means I can’t be half comatose on the sofa at 7.30pm on the evenings that I need to visit the gym or Fat Fighters.
  5. I have begun writing my blog.
  6. I am so enthusiastic about my blog that I am going to enrol on a writing course to learn how to write properly and thereby maybe make some money from writing in the future.

So, this is my list.  My blog and the writing course are the main focuses at the moment, with everything else just coming along for the ride.  I’m excited about the coming year and how each of these ambitions is going to develop and help me discover my groove.

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19 Responses to How I’m getting my Groove…

  1. I sure hope you get on okay with that list! Getting into the groove is something that would do us all good.

    I think you’re a good writer and your blog can only go from strength to strength.

    And no slacking on the sofa at 7.30.
    CJ xx

  2. Really good post and I sort of get what you say about never being quite sure of your groove before you became a mum.
    You will have read mine I suppose but I also share a love of writing and a desire to make money from it so direct any relevant courses my way
    I hope you join in this blog hop regularly and we can all support each other on what can be and will be an exciting journey.
    Thanks for making the blog hop work too as always a bit daunting trying these things. There is also humour in your post which is always a good thing

    • I read yours very carefully before submitting mine! Whatever course information I come across I will share. At the moment my favourite is Writers’ Bureau Diploma in Creative Writing. I think this will be the one I take. Looking forward to participating in the blog hop, such a brilliant idea and so relevant to so many people. Thanks for organising it.

  3. Mark Lloyd says:

    A nice positive and uplifting post. It’s great that you are so candid about what your going to do. I really think that making public declarations of your intent is a key component in reaching your goals. If you say you are going to go and do something you have to force yourself to go out and do it. I think blogging is a great way of ‘finding a groove’ as you are bound to evolve as writer with each post you make. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for the comments – I think you are right about “going public” being an effective way of achieving your goals. I’m certainly enjoying the writing / blogging at the moment and I’m glad people are reading what I’ve written!

  4. sarahmumof3 says:

    good luck with finding your groove, I wish you every sucess with ti and am sure you will do what you set out to, when I catch my breath for a moment I may try and find mine :) xx

  5. Not leaving yourself much time for lying half comatose on the sofa at 7.30pm anymore then!

    Good luck with finding your groove – I’m having similar thoughts lately although can’t put anything into action yet really!

    • Lying half comatose on the sofa at 7.30pm used to be one of my favourite occupations! Trouble was, it wasn’t getting me anywhere, enjoyable though it most definitely was. Hope you find your groove soon.

  6. Deborah Dempsey says:

    What a fab and energised start to your blog. It’s totally inspiring to see you so focused and entheusiastic about the future.
    It’s also in contrast to my own experience as I was very much ‘in my groove’ before having children and found it hard to know what my groove was after having had them. I love them dearly and wouldn’t change a thing but find it incredibly hard to juggle having a career and being a mum!
    I’m sure whatever you set your mind to will be achieved because you are in a great place in mind and body :-)

    • Hi Deb, thanks for your comments. Energised is exactly how I feel just now! I feel like I’ve been a while in the wilderness and have just found direction. Sounds like your current groove is very rewarding, even if you do have a lot on your plate!

  7. Sharon says:

    Great post – like you I’m not really sure I would recognise the person I was before Thomas was born and I think I prefer ‘me’ now! A writing course sounds really interesting and I look forward to hearing more about it

  8. Thanks for your comments – you put me in mind of a saying I once heard, something about when a child is born so is a mother. Something like that. So excited about the writing course, really looking forward to doing it and then writing about it!

  9. mishmashmum says:

    Wow, look at all these lovely comments! I did my post about getting my groove back. It was hard to be specific, as the goals are still quite general, but hopefully as I continue I’ll be able to focus more intensely on what I need to do. Great post.

  10. Lisa says:

    Am loving Polly in her groove, the blog, the blog name, the writing and your positivity. Think I am about to witness a butterly emerging – SO pleased! Love you. x

  11. You have such a beautiful way with words Lisa. :-) Love you too! Hugs. xx

  12. mrsshortie says:

    A lovely post – it certainley got me thinking about what else I could do to get my groove back (although like you, i’m not sure it was there before children!)

    Look forward to next week and see how its going!

  13. Ah, a September post – full of optimism for the coming (academic) year. I wish you loads of luck with it all. It seems like a lot so don’t be hard on yourself if something has to be put on the back burner – like the second book club for instance.

  14. Lovely comments, hope to see you this week on the #groovingmums blog hop