Grooving around the Christmas Tree

The Groovingmums bloghop encourages women to consider themselves a bit more, to sparkle as a woman in our own right as the festive season approaches at breakneck speed, to move forward with goals large and small and to get that va-va voom back in a way which makes sense to us as the individuals we are.  This week’s challenges can be found at

Is this a cheesy title for this week’s post?  Yes, I know, but if you can’t be cheesy at Christmas then when can you?  With that in mind, here is a summary of my busy, cheesy week.  The Sunflowers picture arrived that I spoke of last week and it looks fabulous.  Its quality is beautiful, it’s larger than I anticipated and it brings a ray of sunshine on dark and windy mornings.  It’s just what we need at this time of year.  The Sunflowers print is so ubiquitous as to qualify as cheese, bit like the Singing Butler painting by Jack Vettriano (which I also have on my wall), although what Vincent van Gogh would have thought about being called cheesy is probably another matter.  Further cheese has appeared in my life in the form of Michael Buble’s Christmas CD.  I don’t care what anyone else says, I like cheese at Christmas and this is a very cheesy CD.  I think Michael Buble has a lovely, silky voice, he’s Canadian so has that soft, rich, almost American tone and I like the way he sings these songs in a jazzy, slightly syncopated manner.  It’s perfect for the season and I’m going to turn it up loud in the car.

One of Kate’s challenges last week was to write something about what freedom means to us.  That one has certainly got me thinking.  The idea appeals to me and I hope to write a longer post on that in the coming days.  I find I have a lot to say on the subject!  One of the challenges this week involves lighting a candle and enjoying whatever you associate with candlelight, be it meditation, the flickering light, the fragrance of the scented candles that are available.  I’ve already met this challenge as I love a Christmassy fragrance around the house and bought a large candle in a tin a couple of weeks ago, but it is almost finished now.  This week I intend to replace it so that we can have orange, cinnamon, cranberry and vanilla throughout the house this Christmas.

Finally, I am going to treat myself to a morning in a coffee shop every week while the little man is at preschool.  I’m going to use the time to write or read and do a bit of people watching in the process.  I went today to a café a short drive from here to finish this week’s Italian homework and I found that I was able to concentrate better away from the house than when I’m sitting at my own table.  I’m definitely an “out of the house” sort of person, especially since the little man was born, and I think I need that buzz of other people’s conversation and whatever Christmas magic is being broadcast on the PA system to get creative.  I did ten minutes of free writing this morning, just to try it out and see what happened, so now I also have a few ideas with which to begin my post on Freedom.

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15 Responses to Grooving around the Christmas Tree

  1. Good for you Polly. Defnitely with you, especially Michael Buble x

  2. Ally Bean says:

    I’ve often thought of, but never committed to, going to a coffee shop once a week on a regular schedule. I’m a homebody by nature, so for me doing that sounds more tiring than invigorating. Yet I think that it might be good for me– if for no other reason than to treat myself to a fancy cup of coffee! Maybe a NY’s resolution, eh?

  3. There’s so much to love about this post. I think Michael Buble is fabulous! In fact, I might even get his Christmas CD myself. You know I’m with you on the coffee shop front. Good coffee is a treat in itself and the bonus of free people watching is great too. I think it is an art form though – I get lost in my thoughts and then tend to stare. Thank goodness for sunglasses! (In summertime anyway!) x

  4. mammasaver says:

    Oh, I love a coffee shop too! What a great place to people watch and have a bit of chore -free headspace. I hope you enjoy the peace and quiet, and exciting tail ends of conversation too!

  5. Kate says:

    Thanks for your speedy post this week Polly plus all the other support you have offered to me in a challenging week. Glad the candle thing is going to be prolonged. Love the idea of you finding your space/soul in a coffee shop. It seems more than one #groovingmums member has the whole coffee shop thing going on.
    I had actually forgotten about the freedom challenge and in light of recent events may have a post or two myself on the matter. Lots to reflect on there anyway.
    I love the variety of your post.
    I think it is great how we are learning to invest in ourselves in big and small ways.
    Plus I think we are all far better together in this journey than apart.
    Have a good week. I intend to.

  6. chickenruby says:

    coffee shop???? when? where? what time?

  7. I love a visit to local coffee shops…there are a few within walking distance from me so I’m very lucky. I always have to have a cake though!! I’m loving the Christmas music so all for the Michael Buble CD. Can’t believe we’re so close to Christmas now!!

  8. Older Mum says:

    Another great post! Unsurprisingly you have a very loyal following! I love the sitting in coffee shops and watching the world go by thing ….. great inspriration for writing and a nice treat for you too Polly! Have a lovely Christmas and thank you for your support this year! x

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