Good Friday 2013

It’s been so long since my last post that regular readers might wonder whether I’ve been having trouble putting more life in my day.  The truth is, I’ve been really quite busy and don’t have much time on the computer anymore.  My writing course deadlines are slipping away from me and French has fallen by the wayside a bit too.  But I like to dabble in new things, so I’m working on the assumption that I’ll get around to these things soon enough.

On Good Friday we indulged in my favourite activity of all at the moment – spending time in London.  Lindt had sponsored The Great Easter Egg Hunt and we went up to Covent Garden to take part.  I used to spend a lot of time in Covent Garden; I love the place.  In fact, if I had half a million of disposable income, I would buy a one bedroomed flat there and have the whole experience on my doorstep.  As it is, we drive to Wimbledon and get the tube from there.  The eggs to be hunted are huge, designed and made by artists, mounted on pedestals, to be auctioned off after the event in aid of Action for Children.  We found 68 out of the 101, although we were told that one of them had been stolen.  This is a disgrace, as the egg is worth a lot of money to the charity but is more or less worthless to the person who stole it.

As well as the Easter Egg hunt, Covent Garden is host to many and varied shops and boutiques, as well as market stalls.  There are also designated areas for musicians and entertainers to perform.  This is one of my favourite things about Covent Garden and I’ve spent many happy hours hanging off the railings on the upper walkway while an opera singer or string quartet performs on the lower walkway.  I wasn’t disappointed this time either, as there was a fabulous opera singer performing, Seija Knight, who sang several of my favourites, including Schubert’s version of Ave Maria, and the Flower Duet and Madame Butterfly.  I’ve been in tears before watching singers in Covent Garden and this performance just slayed me.  Amazingly, she said that people often come up very close to her as they think she is miming, or using a microphone.  I find this unbelievable as the power and quality of her voice could not be conveyed so clearly by electronic means; she has no need to mime or use a microphone.  A truly special occasion and I was lucky to have been passing at the right time.

How I love London.  There is something for everyone, you just have to know where to look.


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6 Responses to Good Friday 2013

  1. Mummy Plum

    The Easter Egg hunt sounds fabulous! I’d love to see that next year.
    Out of interest, how did you get on with giving up the coffee for lent? I wondered about you as I supped my cappuccino and how you were getting on!

    • It was really great for young children, MP, as the eggs were so big and most were in the piazza so not too much hunting involved for the couple of hours attention span available. All very good natured. The coffee? Hmm. I didn’t completely abstain. I was late starting anyway, so I had just one, most days, and abstained some days. I think starting late didn’t help me focus. Next year, if I’m going to try again, I’ll need to get in the right frame of mind a bit earlier. :-) I’m enjoying getting reacquainted properly now, though! Thanks for commenting.

  2. So glad to see you back in blogland again. The Easter Egg hunt in Covent Garden sounded fabulous – you always get misers who are in it for themselves re. nicked egg. The opera singer sounded amazing – so glad you had such a lovely time! X.

    • OM – it’s been tricky to find the time to get anything done recently. I really need to rearrange my life to accommodate all the things I want to do. I read everything that comes into my inbox, but don’t always get the time to comment on it. I know you are busy too, so I appreciate you taking the time to comment here.

  3. I love Covent Garden too Perhaps if we put £1/4, in each? 😉 So glad to see you out and about enjoying yourself. The egg hunt sounds very classy!

    • Anya it was absolutely brilliant for children, because the eggs were so big and more or less all in one place and difficult to miss! Great to be back in the area.