Flash Fiction – Losing my Way

I came across this writing challenge from www.carolinesmailes.co.uk and decided to try it myself. The idea is that you write a piece of flash fiction, 100 words or fewer, taking inspiration from a song on YouTube. Deadline for submission is Wednesday 11 January 2012.

Here are the lyrics I used as inspiration.

I’ll Find my Way Home by Jon & Vangelis
You ask me where to begin.
Am I so lost in my sin?
You ask me where did I fall.
I’ll say I can’t tell you when.
But if my spirit is lost
How will I find what is near.
Don’t question, I’m not alone.
Somehow I’ll find my way home.

Losing my Way
I can’t say when my life crumbled. I was caught in a wild, social merry-go-round and I lost myself. Then I found myself again, but jobless, alone and pregnant. My drinking had swamped me; I was ashamed.

London seemed populated entirely by pregnant women. A short flight to warmer climes relaxed me. I am free to stare at the sea and sand and wonder: what now?

It’s time to be still and listen to myself. Wild living hasn’t nurtured me. We are part of the world instead of consumers of it, my child and I. I am no longer alone.

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14 Responses to Flash Fiction – Losing my Way

  1. Mummy Bear says:

    That’s so lovely, made me feel all peaceful :)

  2. Jacq says:

    I like your entry; especially the change in tense. I like the song too :)

  3. Ally Bean says:

    That is a way cool entry. Very creative and precise. You find the most interesting things to do on your blog. Yeah you!

  4. I hadn’t heard of flash fiction before this. Had to look it up.
    Very intriguing. I like the sense of being at one and the calm stillness at the end. It is an art form I think to be able to convey a story so concisely. Bravo!

  5. Zazzy says:

    Your story tells so much in so few words. I feel like I know this woman, so much more than I could possibly know in a couple paragraphs. I really hope to read more of your stories.

    • Thanks Zazzy. I really enjoyed writing it but I think it’s because I absolutely love the song and have ever since it was first released. I’m hoping Flash Fiction will be my thing this year!

  6. Hi Polly, Just a quick note to say congratulations on your success with your story. We’re not even at the end of January yet and you’re on your way to being published. x

  7. Older Mum says:

    Lovely! Now I am intrigued – are you about to have something published? That sounds brilliant! X