Fiction Friday – Aphrodite’s Hat

This post is based on a concept by @homedad.  His idea is to celebrate the best books written for children, and he’s doing that here:

I’ve decided to do it a little differently and post the book that I’m reading.  So to begin: Aphrodite’s Hat by Salley Vickers, the best-selling author of Miss Garnett’s Angel, and other novels.

This is a collection of short stories with the theme of love linking them.  This includes love in many forms; unrequited love, love between parents and children, between adults, between friends.  I have finished ten of the seventeen stories and have loved them all.  They are very easy to read and beautifully told.  The one exception is “The Indian Child” which I found extremely difficult to get into mainly because in the beginning it seems to be about the difference between fairies and mortals.  The story centres on a child, the Indian Child of the title, who is mortal but is being raised by fairies and wants to learn to fly like them.  I was very disappointed at the beginning of the story because fairies and the like are really not interesting to me and the other stories had been so good.  I wondered what the author was doing.  But I persevered and I’m very glad I did.  It’s a clever tale, which surprised me and I found I really liked it.  There must be a moral there about tenacity and hidden surprises.

The story I liked the most was “The Buried Life” which was told in four parts, but the pace of the writing kept me turning the pages, ever more keen to discover what happens.

The only criticism I have of the book is that Ms Vickers loves to use adverbs and they are sprinkled throughout some of the stories.  The stories are excellent, though, and I would recommend this book.

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3 Responses to Fiction Friday – Aphrodite’s Hat

  1. Susanna says:

    Thanks for this. I’m always looking for suggestions of new books to read. I’ve never been able to get into short stories though, not sure why.

  2. Hello. Just wanted to let you know that on your recommendation I bought this book and am very much enjoying it. The Hawthorn Madonna was one of my favourites, I enjoyed the Buried life too. I haven’t read the Indian Child yet. Might try that next.
    Also wanted to recommend a website called East of the Web I’ve found which publishes short stories. (Accept submissions too!). I’ve been reading them on the landing whilst I wait for my son to go to sleep… a couple of recent good reads were The Brass Teapot ( a little dark but intriguing) and The Wicker Husband (although I had the feeling I’d read it somewhere before.) Cx

    • Thanks Claire, so glad you enjoyed the ones you’ve read so far. Thanks for the recommendations, i’ll have a look at that website. The Wicker Husband sounds very intriguing! BTW, I’m about a quarter through the Ken Follett one you recommended, Pillars of the Earth. It’s really good, I like epics. Hope to finish it over Christmas. Polly x