Fajita Night in the Polly Household

I love fajitas, they are one of my favourite meals.  I particularly love cooking them at home because whenever we have them in a restaurant, sad to say, I am usually disappointed.   My husband and son eat meat but I don’t because I don’t like it.   I’m not a big fan of a very spicy meal, whereas my husband prefers a bit of heat in his Mexican food.  Unfortunately we often find that vegetarians aren’t particularly well catered for in the fajita department; it’s almost as if the chef thinks that if a fajita doesn’t contain meat, then it’s not worth making an effort.  Also, the level of spice is what the chef decides to put in, so it’s usually too spicy for me and not spicy enough for my husband.  We are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  We do, however, make some spectacular fajitas at home.

The good thing about cooking our own is that each of us can have exactly what we want without making it necessary to cook three different dinners.  We know what works for us and tend to cook the same recipe each time.  So we were delighted to receive in the post some delicious Discovery products and an invitation to take part in Discovery’s Cinco de Mayo challenge.  The idea is to create a delicious fajita meal with the products sent to us; and because they included things we might not normally have tried, it was guaranteed to shake things up a bit!

So, this is what we did:

Stir-fry a red onion for a couple of minutes, add 2 courgettes and cook for a further couple of minutes, then add 2 small peppers (yellow and orange for contrast), cook, followed by 8-10 mushrooms and 3 tomatoes, cooking them until soft. Sprinkle with Seasoning Mix, keeping a little back for the chicken.

Skillet some chicken strips in a hot pan, using the Seasoning Mix as a marinade.

Chop up some avocado and mix with the Garlic & Herb Soured Cream.  Normally we would use plain soured cream for our guacamole but we wanted to see how this would work out.

Everything went on the table, the flour tortillas were gently warmed in a crepe pan and the Tomato Salsa was decanted into a bowl next to the avocado / garlic and herb guacamole.

My son really liked the peppers and courgettes, and didn’t think the Seasoning Mix was too spicy for him.  My husband really liked the flexibility of adding his own skilleted chicken, marinated in a little of the Seasoning Mix to increase the heat a little, and then seared in the skillet.  I liked the way the new Garlic & Herb Soured Cream guacamole took away the heat and instead brought out the flavour of the fajita spices beautifully.  We usually use plain sour cream but this Soured Cream added another dimension to the meal.

Everyone had got involved in chopping, cooking and wrapping, so it was a real family enterprise.  My son liked the fact that he could put together his meal exactly how he wanted it.  This all stems from a visit to a local pub one day when he ordered a DIY dessert, consisting of chocolate ice cream, marshmallows, sprinkles, cream and flakes, the idea being that he put it together exactly how he wanted it.  And that was the beauty of this meal, we could all have exactly what we wanted, and the whole thing took less than 25 minutes.   I’d call that a success on any night of the week.

This is a sponsored post. We received tortillas, tomato salsa, seasoning mix, a jar of fajita season and sauce and a tub of squeezable Garlic & Herb Soured Cream from Discovery for the purposes of taking part in their Cinco de Mayo challenge and writing this review.


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8 Responses to Fajita Night in the Polly Household

  1. I love farjitas for the very same reasons you outline, and they are fun to make too. When we have made them, Little A has really enjoyed adding all the ingredients and dolloping on sour cream and grated cheese at the end. Yum. X.

    • Cheese! OM, we forgot the cheese. Me and hubby just read your comment together and both realised at the same time. Something about eating dinner with your fingers really appeals to the little man. Probably because we spend a lot of our meal times reminding him about his knife and fork! Thanks for commenting. x

  2. Mummy Plum

    I love fajitas too – always a big hit with myself and the husband, but, I’ve never even thought about getting Pip to try them! Definitely going to try them with him now. I think he’d love making his own. (And great as well for getting some veg in by hiding the courgettes and peppers in the sauce.)

    • Mummy Plum, children seem to love putting together their own food, and I’ve read a lot about how if they get involved they are more likely to eat what they’ve made. Great way to introduce young ones to spice, too, as you can vary the amount you use. Hope you have fun!

  3. I love fajitas too! Your recipe sounds great – though I had to look up courgettes (zucchini here). I wish someone wanted me to test their products. Very cool.

    • Zazzy, it seems you and I call lots of food things by different names. I remember you talking about cilantro, which is coriander over here. Oregano has the stress in a different place making it sound very different, eggplant (aubergine over here), herbs (we pronounce the “h”), chips (we call them crisps) just off the top of my head. I wonder how foods got such drastically different names within the same language?!

  4. I haven’t made fajitas in years! What a good reminder that I should do that. Your recipe sounds great. All I need to do is get the ingredients and off we go to Mexico.

    • So quick and easy, Ally, it practically made itself. Or maybe that was the family that made it while I supervised? Possibly. Either way, worth the very little effort required.