Facebook or Twitter – which do you prefer?

This week’s challenge from @Britmums blogprompt was the following:  Facebook or Twitter?  If you could use only ONE to promote your blog, which would you use and why?  This was an easy one for me.  If I could use only one, either Facebook or Twitter, I would have to say Twitter all the way!

I’ve been blogging for less than a month and have become absolutely addicted to it.  I’m fairly pleased with my writing so far and am grateful when people take the time to leave comments on my posts.  In common with my fellow bloggers, I like to promote my blog’s existence to as many people as possible, which is where the use of social media comes in.  Facebook is just people you already know, whereas Twitter is the rest of the world!

I am a big fan of Twitter, whereas I’ve never really understood Facebook and don’t use it much.  I first got into Twitter by following a friend of mine who had just started a business and was using Twitter to promote it.  I joined Twitter purely to become her follower and support her venture, but I gradually started exploring the site, following a few writers and broadcasters I admire and started picking up followers of my own.  It was only when I launched my blog last month that Twitter really came into its own.  I discovered sites such as Britmums and LoveNewBlogs, or rather, they discovered me, and I then started following more and more of the bloggers who were mentioned on those sites.  My Twitter usage has just snowballed from there.  These days I even check Twitter before I check my emails!

I find that for reaching out into the big, wide world, Twitter is the tool for the job.  I can link a post on Twitter and get new followers from it which would never happen with Facebook.  I can search Twitter on one key word and be presented with many different suggestions for people to follow whom I would never ordinarily have discovered.  One criticism of Twitter from non-users is that nobody is going to be interested in knowing what someone is doing right now.  I’ve found that finding a little (or bigger) community of like-minded souls means that you do want to know what’s going on with them right now.  For example, I’ve started following a small group of writers who publish advice for aspiring writers, so that gets delivered into my timeline and I can read it at my leisure.    I use Twitter to keep myself informed of what other people are writing and for finding others to follow, usually when someone I follow has retweeted someone that they follow.  Twitter is like a spider’s web, making millions of different connections possible.  And the more connections you make the more chance you have of finding what you need.

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2 Responses to Facebook or Twitter – which do you prefer?

  1. Older Mum says:

    I agree, I am also finding that Twitter is alot quicker for meeting new people and getting yourself out there.

  2. mammasaver says:

    Yup – with you on the Twitter thing.

    It allows a greater degree of anonymity (useful for blogging sometimes), and allows me to expand my network really quickly too.