Desert Island Blog Advice

I’ve been blogging for only a month or so and I found that during the process of setting up a blog and tentatively writing the first few pieces, there was a lot of reading to be done and lots of advice from others to be gleaned.  I felt that the bloggesphere can be a confusing place when you are just beginning and I wanted to be well informed.  However, sifting through all the available information proved to be impossible and not all of it was useful anyway.  Therefore, if my computer and I were cast away on a desert island with wi-fi and I could take only two pieces of blog wisdom with me, I would take the following, which stood out to me as being the most helpful on the road to getting the blog up and running.

Firstly, just do it.  There are so many options available to you when you begin, from which platform to use and what the focus of the blog is going to be, to which widgets and gadgets to install.  There are so many decisions to make and so much choice available that you could become completely outfaced and lose confidence even before you begin.  So, I would say don’t wait until the site is properly constructed, you can play with all the widgets and gadgets later, just get writing and get  posting.  Once you start writing the ideas will keep occurring, maybe more than you can pursue in the time available, and a little bit of the learning curve is achieved with every post uploaded.

Second bit of advice: spread the bloggy love and make as many connections as you can.  Reading other people’s articles will generate ideas for posts you might like to tackle yourself.  Visit other people’s blogs and leave comments on their posts; they are more likely to visit yours.  It’s an amazing confidence boost to receive feedback on something you’ve written.  Even if you are writing only for yourself and yours is the only opinion that matters at the moment, it’s still pleasant to think that someone else enjoyed it too and took the trouble to tell you.

This post is in response to the @Britmums Blogprompt: “The best blog advice I ever received was….”

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5 Responses to Desert Island Blog Advice

  1. Great advice! Think you’re probably my fav blog at mo! X

  2. Ooooo and I’m on your blogroll! I thought the above sentiment before I saw that, I might add!

  3. What wonderful advice which you have managed to sort out in just your first month of blogging! Clever you…you’ll go far!

    Love the Desert Island Blog concept as well…might have to use it! :)

    Karin @ BritMums

  4. Annie says:

    Those 2 pieces of advice are perfect – and may I say that your blog reads really well, it’s as if you have been blogging for ages – I can’t wait to keep on reading it !