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The Next Big Thing

I was tagged by the inspirational Karen McCann at Enjoy Living Abroad to take part in this feature.  Karen is the author of Dancing in the Fountain, the story of how she went to live in Spain for a year … Continue reading

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Beautiful Bloggers

Yesterday I was delighted to find myself nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Anna over at Mrs Halford’s Blog.  Thank you, kind lady, for making me smile.  The nomination came as a complete surprise, right out of the blue, … Continue reading

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A ray of sunshine

The lovely Older Mum in a Muddle tagged me for this lighthearted award, so thanks go to her for blogging inspiration this weekend and about a subject other than France or the French language.  I’m in danger of becoming obsessed, … Continue reading

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Working Nine to Five (what a way to make a living)

The lovely Older Mum tagged me on this meme and, as I’m trying to keep up to date with these things now, I’m going to jump straight in. Here are the rules: Post the rules Answer the questions in as … Continue reading

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