A ray of sunshine

The lovely Older Mum in a Muddle tagged me for this lighthearted award, so thanks go to her for blogging inspiration this weekend and about a subject other than France or the French language.  I’m in danger of becoming obsessed, although depending on what you read, that could in fact be a good thing.  Anyway, the rules are as follows:

1.  Thank the person who gave me this award;

2.  Answer the questions below – its all about favourite things;

3.  Pass on the award to other sunshiny bloggers and tell them about it.

Favourite colour

Red.  Red lipstick (very French), red coats (not the holiday camp variety though), red underwear on New Year’s Eve (it’s supposed to bring luck for the coming year).

Favourite animal

I love Tawny owls.  I love all owls, but Tawny owls are my absolute favourite and have been since I was at primary school.  Two things set it off: I made a collage of a Snowy owl at school and a stuffed Tawny owl at Guides.  Owls are mysterious birds, rarely seen, phenomenal hunters and amazingly cool and poised.  They are superb creatures.

Favourite number

Currently four, the age of my son.  By the end of this year, when he’s had his birthday, my favourite number will be five.  My boy is without doubt the biggest blessing in my life.

Favourite drink

Champagne (or Cava), I love it so much, it’s such a sophisticated and fun drink.  When I think of Champagne I think of parties and celebrations, Christmas morning when I can have a glass with my breakfast if I feel like it.  I think of a restaurant in St James in London called Greens, one of my most favourite restaurants, where I have had fish and chips (but not as we know it) with a glass of champagne.  Fabulous little vessel of happiness, like a spring lamb.  Love it.  Coincidentally, it comes from France (see “Your passion” below).

Facebook or Twitter?

I much prefer Twitter to Facebook.  I asked Twitter if anyone could recommend a French teacher in my area as I was having trouble tracking one down, and I had a recommendation within minutes.  Its power is very far reaching.

Your passion…

I’m currently obsessed with France, the French lifestyle, the French language, French food and learning French.  I have read more books this past month than in the previous six, and all relating to France in some way.  I’m coming on leaps and bounds with the language learning, and a lot of my very rusty O level is flooding back, hoiked out of goodness knows which recess of my brain.  I’m listening to French radio and reading French picture books designed for 3 and 4 year old French children.  I have tracked down a language teacher to help me over the summer holidays and have started cooking some French food.  I have a French language CD in the car in addition to the little man’s CDs of French nursery rhymes that we got from his French lessons.  I think I have most of my initial bases covered.  Now I need some French perfume and French fashion.  It’s all in the interests of research of course.

Giving or receiving presents?

Giving.  Especially the kind where you see something and think of a particular person.  I dislike the kind where you feel you have to get something for someone because it’s their birthday or whatever.  I like to get things as I see them and give them at times other than the usual celebrations too.

Favourite day

Friday or Saturday.  They are both slightly more relaxed days; no preschool on Friday so we go out and please ourselves that day, seeing friends.  There is usually coffee and cake involved as we more often than not see our NCT friends on Friday.  Saturdays are for going out as a family, somewhere further afield, stretching my wings away from the village for a few hours.

Favourite flower

Freesias and Gerberas.  I love the intense fragrance that comes from such a tiny and delicate flower as the Freesia.  You just wouldn’t think of it to look at them; they have hidden depths, those flowers.  Gerberas were in my wedding bouquet and I love the clean lines and simplicity of them and their vibrant colours.

Have I mentioned France too much?  I don’t yet know of any French bloggers to mention, otherwise I would have snuck a couple in at this point.  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.  In the meantime, I would love it if Ally from The Spectacled Bean, Zazzy from Zazamataz, Dr Marbles from Medical Marbles and Kate from Kate On Thin Ice would have a bash at this.  Sunshiny bloggers all four.

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16 Responses to A ray of sunshine

  1. This was such a joyful read! I love how you have thrown your self into everything Francais. Brilliant. You are just bursting with enthusiam. I love how you get the bit between your teeth and go for it! Fish and chips with champagne – like it! Do pop over to my blog – I’ve had a redesign! X

  2. Claire@Mummy Plum says:

    A most interesting read! Completely agree re: champagne/ cava. Love it. I didn’t know that red underwear was meant to bring good luck for the year ahead. I’ve never owned any red underwear, so this year might be the year to change that I think! I had Gerberas at my wedding too. I always find them a very cheerful flower. Lovely post. x

  3. Ally Bean says:

    Thanks Polly. I like memes like this and will do it this week for my blog post.

    [Please disregard my earlier tweet. I get it now.]

  4. Zazzy says:

    Thanks Polly! It was nice to do something a bit different and even better to learn more about you. You impress me with your decisiveness! You know, I agree with you about gifts. I wish I was more spontaneous with them, I tend to save them for an “occasion” and it really is more fun just to surprise someone.

  5. I love your post and think I may have to join you on your next trip to France, it would be wrong to drink bubbly alone. Thanks so much for the tag, I have enjoyed putting together my favourites too! x

  6. I too am a Champagne / Cava fan. It too evokes lots of happy times / events for me. And I love that you can drink it with breakfast lol!

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  8. Ally Bean says:

    Polly, I wish that I liked champagne, but it always gives me a headache. I think that there is nothing more stylish than champers in a flute glass. Doubly so if you happen to be sitting in France looking at gerbera daisies!

    Love your answers to the questions. Thanks for including me.

    • Rose sparkling wines give me a headache Ally, such a shame because they really do look very elegant in the glass! If I find myself in France with a glass of champagne and there are gerberas nearby, I will take a photo and post it! Thanks for taking part, I really enjoyed reading your answers too.