A photo a day in May – Something you made

Friday 18 May

I made this!  Not the pitcher itself, but I painted the bees and ladybirds on it using my little chap’s thumb-prints as a starting point and then painting the detail on by hand with a fine brush.  We had a lovely afternoon at the pottery studio, doing hand and foot prints too, and they glazed and fired everything for us.  Very pleased with the result.  I’m going to put some cut flowers in it.

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10 Responses to A photo a day in May – Something you made

  1. Ally Bean says:

    Sweetness. Very clever use of thumbs!

  2. Zazzy says:

    Oh that is so cute! I love the little bees and lady bugs!

    • Thanks Zazzy. It was great fun to make, very calming. After taking the little man’s thumb prints, my husband took him home, so I had peace and quiet to just enjoy it. Wish I had space for my own kiln, now!

  3. Claire@Mummy Plum says:

    I love it. What an innovative idea to use the little chap’s fingerprints, and what a wonderful keepsake too. x

  4. Brilliant! How creative … it looks great, and I love you’ll be putting flowers in it.

  5. Susan Mann says:

    This is great, a lovely way to use their finger prints x