A photo a day in May – something new

Thursday 24 May – something new

I’ve always loved owls, they are my favourite creatures. Here is a new one for my collection, made from stone.


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8 Responses to A photo a day in May – something new

  1. That is a very cool owl. And now, whenever I see an owl, I will think of you.

  2. Claire

    This post bought back a few memories for me. My Mum liked Owls, and used to collect them when we were little. We used to buy her the odd Owl thing for her birthday. It all started when she did a very lovely tapestry of one and hung it on the wall. I like your stone Owl.

    • Thanks Claire. I got my thing for owls when I was in the brownies and made one in the group one evening. I remember making a collage of a snowy owl in school one day too and it’s just gone on from there. We have a lot of owls in the woods behind us and I love their spooky call.

  3. He’s very cute. For some reason there’s something quite ’70’s about him!

  4. Will he be taking up residence in your garden?x