A photo a day in May

Wednesday 16 May – what you’re reading

I seem to have a few books on the go at the moment, but these are the main three:

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin;
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford; and
The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman


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  1. I have Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet in my stack of books to read. It looks like it’ll be a good one… when I finally have time to get to it!

    What do you think of The Happiness Project? Is it living up to its hype?

    • I really liked the Happiness Project, Ally. At first I felt that the first couple of chapters were a bit too light for me (cleaning out the closets will make me happy???) but Gretchen Rubin speaks a lot of common sense and makes some excellent observations which really resonated with me. I like being offered an alternative way of seeing things. So then I began to see the sense in clearing some space. In fact, I’ve cleaned out a closet and literally kept only what I wear, which was very satisfying. I will be re-reading the book in the very near future. Have you read it? I know you like her website – what do you think of it?

      • I have a closet to clean out and I haven’t decided whether it’ll make me happy or sad to do it. I haven’t read the book, having read the website for so long, but even though I find her repetitive these days she often posts something that makes me think. Thinking is usually a good thing.

        • I’m fairly new to it, Zazzy, having only just discovered Gretchen through Ally, so I’m still hearing it all for the first time. I like her alternative way of looking at things, ways I hadn’t considered, which is refreshing.

          • Interesting take on her book, Polly.

            I haven’t even picked up a copy of The Happiness Project. Not because I have any strong opinion about it, but because I thought that it might be her website rehashed into a book.

            I agree with both you & Zazzy that she makes me think about things in my life in a different way. Sometimes because she presents something new to me. Sometimes because I’m interested in seeing what topics she repeats.

            • Ally, certainly I have found things on the website and in my daily emails which I have just read in the book, so you could have a point there. I like books, though, and prefer them over reading from a website. So now I have most of the information in book form, I can look forward to updates on the website. I particularly like reading Gretchen’s interviews with people, because then I get even more alternative points of view.

  2. Claire@Mummy Plum

    I can barely manage to read one book, let alone three! I’d heard of the Happiness Project but not the other two. I did have a look at the Happiness Project blog and found it very interesting reading.

  3. Liking the sound of The Happiness Project, may have to invest in that. What with the move I feel I need some inspiration to get me going on the unpacking (done the essentials it is all the rest of the stuff, do I even really need it?) and making the house as I want it now!

    • I’d definitely recommend it, Lynsey. Not all of it will mean much to everybody, but it’s filled with lots of stuff that might be useful in the future. I’ll be re-reading it soon.

  4. I’m really enjoying these photos with snippets …. three books on the go …. very impressive. I’m reading the Twilight series at the moment – how sad is that ?! X

    • Ooh, no, not sad at all! My friend lent me one of them, I’ve just not got around to it yet. Are they good? Apparently there are lots of people out there who are big into YA fiction, even though they are not YA themselves! I hear the lead actor in the film (his name escapes me) is easy on the eye, too!