A missed photo opportunity

This piece is in response to this Britmums Blogprompt: What photograph do you wish you had taken?

I’ve known for a long time the answer to such a question. When my little chap was very small, six or seven months old, it was the summer time and we had a reasonable amount of sunshine that year. I had a big pushchair with a bar that clipped across the front of the chair. I’ve no idea what that bar was for, as there were reins on the chair to hold in the infant boy. We did a lot of walking that summer; hours and hours; miles and miles. I used the bar to clip on the sun brolly; the small chap used the bar to put his little feet on. He would sit there with his feet up, Tommy Tippee cup in his hand, looking at the world from the comfort of his sheepskin blanket and watching it all go by. I would dress him in a short sleeved bodysuit and socks, but he would soon discard the socks, preferring instead to feel the warmth of the breeze on his skin. He was small enough to do that only for those few short weeks of the summer, and many times I thought to myself that I should take a photo of his little feet up on the bar as we travelled. But inevitably something always distracted me when we got home or I forgot to take the camera with me or I thought to myself “it’s OK, I’ll do it tomorrow” and then forgot all over again.

I will always have that picture in my head although I would have liked to have had a print to share with other people.

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7 Responses to A missed photo opportunity

  1. Zazzy says:

    I don’t have any two legged children so my images like this are of the four legged variety. But your image is beautiful. I wonder if someday we’ll have the technology to always have some form of camera to capture these moments.

    • I’m sure that will happen, when you consider how far technology has developed just in the last 10-20 years. Animals often move faster than children so your special moments may be harder to capture.

  2. Claire says:

    You might not have the photo but you did a wonderful job of painting the picture inside my head. Cx

  3. Menai says:

    Awh! I can see the little feet. That’s captured the moments so beautifully!

  4. Well you did a lovely job of painting the picture so clearly. Sounds like the virtual photo has been totally imprinted on your memory.